Saturday, September 13, 2008

San Sung Korean

Yey!!!! I finally got the chance to dine at San Sung Korean Resto!!! My friend suggested we have Korean food..because I was blabbering about korean telenovelas I used to watch and miss...effective subliminal insinuation and persuation for foodie innuendos ei? hahaha :p

It's located across A-Venue...another place where I wana go back to and try out what's there =)

San Sung is like an old Korean House...nothing fancy here....check it out...

...we chose to take the table inthe area where you are seated on the Japanese style...for added feel inthe dining experience =)

What we like here is the generous variety of appetizers they give...

oh yeah!!! Small plates of omelets, pickled veggies, chap chae, kimchi soup...more veggies with kimchi...more omelet like food...a generous plate of kimchi....potato salad (this is note worthy...the potato salad here is really good...we had three and on the fourth they told us they were out already ;P hahaha so much for being abusive! hahaha ) top all that we were given this...

...a fullplate of vegetable pajeon =)

I was meaning to order that...but good thing I didn't as it was given to us free! How cool is that.

Now for the plates we ordered... Bibimbop...the HOT kind
as we were told, there are two kinds of hot and one not so hot....hmmm we wondered how the not hot was like...but naturally we wanted our rice dish to be HOT! We just told our waitress to give us the hot one. The rice was sizzling in the clay pot! Beef, veggies, rice and egg served with a red hot bean paste. It was really good! We loved how crusts of burnt rice form underneath as it held by the hot pot.

Pan Grilled Octopus
As you can very well see by the color of this is RED HOT! I am kinda weak with hot stuff so we ordered an extra bowl of pplain riceso I can tone the heat down in my mouth by eating this with more plain rice. It was good and very tasty...and HOT!!! =D

I am twice charmed by the food here...simple and authentic Korean cuisine.

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