Sunday, September 07, 2008

Mexican-Filipino Treats =)

My friend and I were craving for NACHOS, Burritos and Tacos...and with that...Mexicali came into mind! We were malling around Trinoma and went about looking for some Mexican! hahaha The consierge informed us it was at located at the top most level, near the we reached up...went round and round...and finally found it hidded a back the ticketing area...beside Tatters.

Yay!!!! =D

Generously ladened with ground beef, black olives, tomatoes, jalapenos, refried beans (Ilove beans!) cheese sauce and sour cream!!! You get loads of the yummy toppings with each nacho! Perhaps we should have ordered extra nachos!
My friend had the beef burrito, served with nachos and salsa!
check it out =)
I had the Chicken Taco on Soft whole wheat tortilla
Soooo yummy...light and fresh! Made me feel healthy as opposed tobeing I was indulging on my cravings =)
Our Mexi-capade was oh so satisfying...we decided to treat ourselves to some dessert...something cool, light...ah... halo-halo at Abe's! hahaha
This is the other kind of halo-halo as it was served with coconut milk.
Everything is homemade....and you can really tell by the taste of each "halo"

From the ube, beans, macapuno, saging na the pandan gulaman...yummy always here!
All cravings sufficed! A great foodie day =)


Manggy said...

Haay, it does look delicious, but usually Mexicali succeeds in making me miss Tia Maria's more :(

Jen Tan said...

hahha wala na ata na tira na Tia Maria's....I don\t even recall the last time I ate there! Mexicalli is good ah...and generous naman in serving...nagiging fave na nga for Nacho-time snacking =) hahahaha