Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Small Helping Hands and Prayers

We were all caught off guard.

I was actually in Antipolo that saturday when Metro Manila was suddenly struck by rising flood water out of nowhere. I was contemplating on leaving around 830 am but decided to leave the house a little before 8...because I wanted to get home as soon as I can so I can clean my room before going out for the day. It was raining the night before and still raining when I woke up, but I was the non threatening kind of rain that didn't even made me think once or twice about heading out the door or not. It was smooth sailing...just rainy...but no sign of what was about to come...

I got home safely and ok. I finished my morning room clean up, took a bath and was getting ready to be fetched. My sis went to my room about 10am and she goes "aalis ka pa?" I replied "oo naman ..why?" my sis goes "may bagyo ah". I just gave her a smile and just thought's just an ordinary rainy day like last week. I waited...waited...then my boyfriend called me and told that traffic was bad and he couldn't get to my house...I was not watching TV and I was just in my room watching recorded TV series episodes so I had no idea on the gravity of the situation outside. I got another call and he told me that that streets are starting to get flooded and he said he would just head home because a lot of streets have become unpassable. Then I turn on the TV and go OMG! Katipunan is flooding...Edsa...various parts or QC...NOW I GOT REALLY worried! SO I call and call...but his batteries went dead. An hour before lunch he was able to call me and said detouring led him to Libis and he was at KFC charging his phone and asking the delivery people which roads are passable. I was just glad he was able to charge his phones...communication pacifies a worried spirit! Around 3pm he was able to reach his sister's house in I felt calm already that he was safe no matter what happend.

WE WERE SO LUCKY!!! Watching the consitent TV coverage about the condition of Metro Manila.....we just went...boy are we so LUCKY! Thank GOD for letting us both reach safety...we were so close to getting caught buy Ondoy!

Sunday morning my sister's and I rushed to the grocery to buy food...apparenty we were not the only ones with that idea. Check out was crazy! We watched the news through our the we wonder the condition of our offices.

Monday morning was calm and dry...we reached the office and found everything dry and safe. Our workers was able to get to the office as well...they were all alright as well. THANK GOD for sparing us all.

My silent and small prayer of thanks was all I can give to God for his prayers I offer to those who were affected....and as little as donating some old little I can give I hope helps even a bit. I shall be dropping of my donations later..either abs cbn or gma..closest to me.

I hope nothing like this ever happens again. I have friends with stories of how bad they were hit...some with homes flooded to the second floor....others had their cars drowned by the flood water...some offices and machines drowned as well. I am just thankful that all I heard from people close to me were just material one hurt, no life lost. I THANK GOD again. Everytime I look at the the heart feels sorry and again makes me greatful. My silent prayers go our to the victims still. I hope with help great and small...when they add up...I hope...will help alleviate the situation.

Was it really because of the continuos rains? Or was is irresposibility by the people controlling our dams? I am not sure.

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