Thursday, September 17, 2009


Ristras is one of the latest San Juan born restos that has gained much popularity in the foodie realm. I was indeed intruiged by all the written and spoken word about the great burritos they dish out here....we investigate ;)

The menu is straight to the point and simple mexican faves. What makes their burritos and tacos great is that they have very good quality ingriedients, they are generous in portions and you are in command of what you will have! You pick your meat: lime chicken/beef/pork; pick your rice/chorizo or cilantro lime rice; pick whatever goes in your burrito: guacamole/salsa/beans/what have you....pick one ...pick 'em all! hehehe

We had the chicken with lime rice, pinto beans and the works. It was delicious! Only after ordering did we find out we could have ordered two kinds of meat since we were splitting our huge burrito anyway! Next time =)
For Php 290.00 --good for two perhaps? not bad.

We also had an order of Nachos with salsa. Purple and white corn nachos with salsa and guacamole dips. Php 90.00
Yumm!!!!! Must try burritos with other meat...but try tacos and quesodilla! =)

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