Monday, September 14, 2009

Amano, Tomas Morato

Filipino Resto cum bar at night--Amano serves up affordable and yummy southern Luzon cuisine.

Complimentary Bread Basket
I was delighted to see the mini egg pan de sal served to us wih 3 spreads comprising of peanut butter, coco jam and spanish style sanrdines. It was kinda for us to have sweet spreads with bread as a starter...but it was fun having peanut butter and coco jam =)

Cavite Munggo Soup Php 60.00
This is the first time we have had a sour-ish munggo soup with bihon noodles, topped with chicharon and tinapa. It was stated on the menu that the Cavitenos Munggo is cooked with vinegar, really different yet it was yummy.

The soup was hot, frothy and kinda thin but nice =)

Tokwa't Baboy Php 85.00
Crispy fried tokwa cubes and pork pieces. This was very nice and traditional.

Adobong Manok at Baboy with Turmeric Php140.00
If I am not misktaken, this is the adobo sa dilaw that I have seen recipes of in magazines. It was Very flavorful..sour..and salty delicious with rice.

Laing ala Pinangat Php 80.00
Not your tipical laing here. It's dried fish wrapped in taro leaves cooked in coconut milk. It had a kinda smoked flavor to it and we could barely detect the 'gata'. I had fun eating it because it was unique to me, but he liked the convetional laing =)

Amano Halo-Halo Php90.00
Halo-halo cradled in a frozen buko juice bowl! How funky! I loved this as it made the halo-halo cold, cold 'till the last spoonful! We just found it strange that it had a semi-frozen lemon slice in it. Never thought of lemon was part of any native thingy. Anyhoos...this was nice and refreshing.

We enjoyed dining here for the new flavors of Filipino cuisine that we have tasted. The service was very good and the food came out quite promptly. We liked the nice presentation of the dishes and how everything was surprisingly cheap and generous enough in serving portions.
Amano is located along Tomas Morato, adjacent to 711, infront of The Sicilian and Sushiya. Oh, it's a bar after 10pm.


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