Thursday, September 03, 2009

Jayn's Vietnamese, Thai and Malaysian Cuisine

We have passed by this resto in BF homes Paranaque a lot of times and have always been interested to go here and last...JAYN'S =)

The place is quaint and cozy with nice asian decor and furniture. It kinda reminded me of a Thai spa.

We ordered the Appetizer Platter: Beef and Chicken Satay, Prawn Cakes and Chicken Pandan (which was supposed to be Vietnamese Spring Rolls--but they ran out of stock that day) I was disappointed that there weren't any spring rolls that day---I love spring rolls, but this platter definitely ut a smile on our faces. Everything tasted wonderful! The chicken pandan was one of the best if not the best chicken pandan I have had. The chicken was so fragrant and flavorful. The satays and prawn cakes were just as good made even better with their respective sauces. We could really tell they used all authentic spices. We enjoyed this very much =)

This is my first time to have Laksa. It was like a spicy coconut milk-seafood noodle soup! Delicious! The soup/gravy was rich tasting with just the right hit of heat. This dish was generously made of prawns, squid, hard boiled egg slices, mussles and flat rice noodles. We even has jasmine rice along with this =) hehehe


We will definitely go back here to try other dishes...specially the spring rolls! They have curry dishes and pho too=)

Jayn's is located along Aguirre St., BF Homes Paranaque, adjacent Pidente restaurant (which we will try soon!)

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