Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lovin' La Cabane =)

A special birthday eve dinner celebration for my dearest....we were so delighted to have chosen La Cabane, Pasay road Makati. This place has a shabby-chic charm to it that we found cozy and romantic =)

Complimentary bread basket

Complimentary Amuse Bouche

A nice bottle of Alexis Syrah Vin du Gard

A light red wine to go with our dinner =)

A duo of tuna and salmon tartare on a bed of greens. It had the perfect balance of sour to savory....lovely with the wine and bread.

Pan grilled Salmon and Prawns on a bed of greens and tomatoes with mango slices. This could be a meal on it's own. It came with a nice vinaigrette. A filling yet refreshing salad.

Duck brest with pepper gravy. This dish was so wonderful. The breast was meaty yet tender with the skin crisp, the gravy simply delicious! We had it with potatoes douphin, which was like a potatoes gratin. The combination was rich and perfect =)

After our lovely dinner and wine..we were surprised by the waitresses who came back with this exquisite chocolate cake...candlelit and came with a song =) They were paying attention to us! hahaha It was absolutely rich, decadent and divine.

As if we were not delighted enough with our dolci...they even had us choose any cocktail or coffee to cap off our perfect wonderful!

He chose a Mojito
Delicious and minty!

and coffee for me =)
Thank you to all the wonderful La Cabane staff...we had such a great time.
Fine food...nice ambiance....attentive and warm service with all the nice treats for their's no wonder people can only say wonderful things about La Cabane.
We will definitely be back soon =)


goodfor2 said...

we hope the duck is as good as you describe it

Jen Tan said...

hello try it and tell me what you think =) we were back there for my birthday...will post it very soon =)