Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Indian By Nature, Makati

Cold and rainy weather makes me want to get comfortable and eat good food. Shall have we warm soupy food...hot pot perhaps? Something unique and spicy was our pick on this occasion =)

Indian By Nature was definitely a good choice. It is situated at the 2nd floor of ther building where the defunct IO KTV used to be (sorry I forgot to get the name of the building).....of which Mei Lin Pot and Noodle house still stands on the first floor, along Jupiter St. in Makati. Whew! I hope you find the place with my description....believe me...it's worth looking for =)

The ambiance is trendy-casual yet very comfy...we really like the shisha room sans using shisha (we have yet to try that! hehehe) The servers are very attentive and courteous.

Complimentary Papadam/Padpad
Uber thin, crisp and spicy lentil crackers =)

Tomato Dhania Soup Php 99.00 (I remember the price!!! ;P)
We liked this a lot. It's like an Indian zuppa di pomodoro. It's light and mildy spicy...great with the papadam to whet the appetite (even if it doesn't really needs any whetting in our case!hehehe)

Chicken Paalak (~ Php 239 or 249)
Classified as a health food. It's Chicken cooked in spinach. indian herbs and spices. We asked for a mildly hot version...spicy yet still friendly to the palate. There was just like a piece of chiken leg and part of the breast but it went a loooooooooooooong way with rice and bread because of the uber flavorful green sauce. The sauce was a lovely green, thick and flavorful.

Paneer Tikka Masala (anout the same price as the dish above)
Roasted cottage cheese cooked in traditional Indian Masala red gravy. It was sooo good! The paneer was redolent of tofu....creamy and yummy with the masala gravy. Again, perfect with rise or bread indeed.
We got lucky by ordering good contrasting dishes.
The tricky part in eating Indian food, i think, especially when one is not familiar with the dishes is to get to order the right dishes that goes well when eaten at the same time. I think it wouldn't be enjoyable if we had chosen similarly spiced dishes.

I really was torn between having rice or bread....he wanted rice and I wanted both! hahaha I love Indian breads! Chapati, Naan, Pooris, Papadam....plain or made funky with cheese and other stuffing and or topping.
So we ordered both =) YAY!!!
Plain Naan
It took me quite a while to conceed with having plain naan.....there were so many bread varieties that I would have loved to try, try, try!!! Since we were having sauce and flavorful dishes...it would be best to have plain bread. It was great naan!!! Crisp and toasty on the outside and slightly chewy and lightly flaky inside! Sooo goooooood! Makes we wonder how good it would be to have their cheese naan!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah---I want!!! =D

Jasmine Rice (Php 69.00)
Kinda pricey for a bowl of plain rice...the basmati rice is double the price...but it was served in a lovely metal dish, nonetheless =) They offer a good array of flavored rice dishes as well----very interesting and worth coming back for to try.

Kulfi (Php 139.00)
A traditional Indian frozen dessert, made of cottage cheese (perhaps low carb too?), and this one is lightly strawberry flavored, with some pistachio nuts and a drizzling of cream and chocolate syrup. I just scrapped off the cream. It was not as cold as I expected it to be...not entirely frozen at all...but it had a solid look right? Creamy, delicious and totally unique. Don't expect it to be like an ice cream or popsicle stick. It had a somewhat gritty mouthfeel...which we enjoyed.

Our IBN (Indian By Nature) experience was definitely a good one. We were very happy with the unique flavors and food textures that we have experienced here. A return visit is a must! We even asked for the menu again even after getting the bill...just to have a once again at the dishes we want to try next =)


canDIshhh said...

Nagkecrave ako for Indian food!!!

Jen Tan said...

hello didi! go try nyo ni edi here--we loved the food =)

kailan tayo spiral??? tapos na ba??

rajiv said...

Jen i'm glad you liked the food at my resto.looking forward to serve you more good food. try the mutton kassa next time.

Jen Tan said...

hello Rajiv! Happy to see you found my blog =) We will drfinitely go back and try your recommendation!

Thank you for dropping by!