Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Mann Hann, San Juan

Mann Hann has always been a good and old reliable place =) It has been quite a while since I have eaten here....upon remembering it's new big branch in the heart of San Juan, we thought of dining here again. We hoped that it's pinoy sister Manang is open as well...so we may order from it's menu too...but alas..they don't offer the Manang's food yet.

First, we rice up!

Spicy Sansi Fried Rice
The serving size is good for 3-4 people...BUT in our case for two =)

Spicy Squid
This is one of my faves here....and I remember why. The squid was ligtly breaded, imbedded with chilis and fried to a golden crisp!

squeeze a bit of kalamansi and dip in the fish paste! YUMMMMMM!
We really enjoyed eating this as we both love squid...and the good thing is that, it was fried to a crisp yet still tender to the bite---not rubbery or tough---we like! =D

Steamed Raddish Cake with XO Sauce
Ohhhh..something new for us to try! We have always had our raddish cake FRIED...but steamed???..interesting...with XO sauce...we love XO sauce....makes the dish more interesting. It was what it said it would be...and it was a yummy surprise! The XO sauce complimented the steamed raddish cake very well. Perhaps a healthier way to enjoy the good ol' rad-cake! hehehe

Steamed Dumplings
....delicious and simple...we love the hint of cilantro in the dipping sauce =)

Mango Sherbet
The only thing we ordered that kinda disappointed us...it took too long to be served and was so so sad to say. They infused it with lemon which kinda muted the mango flavor. We thought it would be a great palate cleanser though. We was kinda expecting something in the line of a creamy mango shertbet-y thing....chucky mango bits...cool and milky ice..that sort.

Buco Sherbet
My FAVE! It is still as good as I remember it to be. Creamy buko shake with sago, pandan gulaman bits and pinipig!

It was a very nice eating experience! Yummy... yummy! Can't wait to go back when Manang is open =)

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