Monday, August 24, 2009

Bellini's, Cubao Expo

We had tapas and some wine at our favorite Barcino...then we decided to have pizza at Bellini's at Cubao shoe expo. It has been a long while since we've dined it was nice to see nothing much has changed in the place, except for the places that surrounds Bellini's. Cubao Expo has turned into an arts-y place with several bars around.


We ordered a Neopolitana Pizza
It had anchovies and capers...but we didn't like so much the kind of anchovies they had an off fishy ("malansa") wasn't the usual anchovies that we liked. The crust was kinda sweet and cracker was ok. Perhaps we should have ordered another kind? Or maybe the pasta here is better...we don't wana give up on Bellini's =)


princess_dyanie said...

yay! masarap diyan! try the pasta next time! :)

Jen Tan said...

hello princess!!! yeah..I've tried the pastas here noon..masarap pizza parang ngyon ko lang na try...maybe we will come back for pasta nalang =)

Baby Boy said...

I've been to this place too. My sister had her baby shower here. I love their house wine. Sweet with no bitter after taste most wine has. I love their cakes too!

Jen Tan said...

hello Baby Boy...

really? we will remember to try their wine on our next visit then =)

thanks for the heads uP!

Baby Boy said...

You're welcome! Is it ok to link you up? I love the post here.

Baby Boy said...

BTW try their walnut cake or orange cake. You might like it.

Jen Tan said...

sure thing baby boy =) glad you like reading me ...thaaaaaaaaanks!

will try the orange and walnut cake when I get the chance to dine here again.

Melvin said...

First of all, I would like to apologize because this will be a long comment and will beg to disagree to the wonderful comments above.

I was impressed by the reviews in Bellini's that is why i chose to go here on valentines 2010. However, I am really disappointed at the food and the service.

First, we we're served with the mixed appetizers of breadsticks, bread with something like liver spread and eggplant with cheese, ham and tomato. The eggplant appetizer looked and tasted like it was cooked 4 hours before we order it!

The first plate of pasta was good. I got the ravioli with spinach inside and it was perfect. My GF got the fettucine that I forgot what's in it but also it was good but nothing extravagant about it.

For the second plate, I got the chicken with white sauce, forgot also the name. It was also good, but my GF got the seafood something, which only has a single prawn, 2 clams and 2 mussels..,the serving is really small, a kid might not even appreciate it, like the first one, it’s just a mediocre dish.

Then the waiter suddenly told us that the dessert that we ordered was already out of stock! After eating everything! Why didn’t he told us in the first place?! Waiters are shouting at each other while attending to customers. I need to get their attention twice just to get the bill, and received it after 15 minutes!

The price on the set menu didn’t justify at all the food and service. P1,700 plus service charge. All in all almost P1,900. The price is way too high for this kind of service and food.

Our date was perfect except for the food and service.

I wont be coming again in this much for all the raves about this place.