Friday, July 11, 2008

Yummy Thai at Jatujak, SM MOA

I love Thai food! Actually...Asian cuisine is really great for all the delicious flavors of spices, condiments...veggies...meats..that is mish-mashed in every dish to make them wonderful!

Jatujak, located at the Soth Wing of SM Mall of Asia, is one simple but definitely great Thai resto.

Fried Spring Rolls

I love spring rolls =) I have this veering towards wrapped and fried food! hahaha It had vermicelli, mushrooms and veggies neaty packaged in each crispy roll...and that sweet chili sauce just made each bite wonderful. Sooo simple and soooo GOOD =) We likey-likey!

Fish Curry
Sooooooooo good! We loved how the fish was fried and still had that crisp umph to it despite being doused with all that great and flavorful red curry! It was also great that all the veggies were perfectly cooked yet still had that aldente bite to it. That's the way I like my veggies in dishes...cooked but not wilted!!!---makes me feel that the nutrients are all in tact ;P

Bagoong Rice

Perfectly balanced rice dish! The sweetish-savory port pieces...that tangy green mango strips and the soy flavored rice =) One of the nicest rendition of Bagoong rice I have had...and a very generous serving to boot!

We enjoyed dining here...getting really full with good food is not a bad feeling =) Simple and very good Thai here!


Em Dy said...

I was planning to eat in their Megamall branch last Saturday but got shunted to Cavana instead. Good food too!

Will definitely try this.

Jen Tan said...

hey em! I haven;t tried Cavana naman! hahaha Thanks for the heads up...I didn't know there is a Jatujak in Mega...haven't been there for quite a while

Thanks for dropping by =)

Manggy said...

I ate at Jatujak (I'm sorry ang pangit ng pangalan) at Megamall. Had a wonderful meal, full all the way up to the pharynx. Burp.

getting really full with good food is not a bad feeling
Your mantra for this blog, lol :P

Jen Tan said...

hey Manggy...yeah sarap noh... =)hahaha

♥u8mYpiNkco0kiEs♥ said...

i love thai food too! will try this when we go to MOA :)

i particularly love chicken pandan, satay, tom yum, and sticky rice w/ mango! :D

Anonymous said...

hmm.. ma try nga

Jen Tan said...

hello pinkcookies!I also like chicken pandan, satays and sticky rice with mango! yummm...hindi lang ako mahilig sa tom yum ;P hehehe