Friday, July 18, 2008

Things To Love at Banaple =)

Oh yes! I have blogged numerous posts on this quaint cafe cum cake comissary...Banaple...located long Katipunan Ave....almost near the intersection before you cross over to White Plains.....but I just keep coming back..over..and over...and over =) Simple, reliable and very good comfort food to enjoy at anytime of the day....for breakfast..lunch..dinner..snack-time and dessert-time and very reasonably priced I might add! I just love it. I recommend and bring friends here quite alot.

Let me just share the things I enjoy having here....other than the pancakes and breakfast items that I just adore having here...

Penne con Salsa Verde

Delicious aldente penne pasta with pesto sauce. Served with yummy pesto cheese pan de sal. Yummy!!!

Pasta Jacintha

Fettucine pasta with sausage and oil =)
Parmesan Baked Fish (not so sure with the name, my apologies)

Something like the Baked Parmesan Crusted Fish of Cook Book Kitchen...only this one is not swimming in butter...but just as tasty!!! Served with rice and corn and carrots =)
Penne Bolognese

The Sauce is really, really good! Kinda Filipino style, as it is on the sweetish side....but very appealing to the pallate....real comfort food here!

Pasta Carbonara

Yummy and creamy! Generous with bacon to boot =)

Chicken Parmigiana
Ohhhhh lala!!! I love chiken parmigiana..or parmigiana anything! This was nothing short of being uber good! Served with rice and veggies...I hope they can serve it with pasta too!

If I am not mistaken...this is the Chicken ala Kiev
Yummy roulades of chicken breast, rolled with ham and cheese...breaded and deep-fried and blanketed with some sort of a mushroom gravy! Whoa! How good does that sound?

Tuna Sandwich with chips
Fresh wheat bread, gererously filled with yummy tuna spread. Very delicious. This is just one of the fave Banaple sanwiches of mine....I shall post the others I always fail to take pics prior to eating! hahaha ;P

As you may notice, the serving sizes are quite big...good enough to share =)
And, lastly, for this post....a new addition to their cake collection...Dark Chocolate Titamisu

Titamisu is one of my favorite cake variety....well, this one was alright...but I think it would be fitting to give it another name.
I guess I can say that...almost, if not quite, all of the dishes I have sampled here are truely delicious and true to the virtue of comfort goodness! For the cakes though...not all are winners for me...somehow there is a running similarity to all their cakes here....I think its the crust? or the cream? Nonetheless, cheesecakes here avre very dense and bears THICK if you fancy your cheesecake that way...that's another reason for you to love this place =)


Manggy said...

Okay, please tell me you accumulated all those pictures over a long period of time!! :P
The pastas look nice!

Jen Tan said...

OFCOURSE....NOT! ;P bwahahahahah I kid! What do you think of me Manggy??? I am a lady...I like having "small" meals....very frequent nga lang! hahaha Yah, this post is like 3 visits worth =) in addition to all other visits that I have posted...and not posted (not not being able to take a pic! I have to go back and order them goodies again and TAKE THAT PIC! My responsibility as a FOOD BLOGGER right? ;P hahaha

Jen Tan said...

hmmm yikes..super daming typo...hahaha you get what I mean..UP ka naman hahaha =)

♥u8mYpiNkco0kiEs♥ said...

mouthwatering pics!! i hope they'll open a new branch somewhere in the south so i can try it :)

Sweet Dreams said...

Hi Jen =)
I often visit your site, I just hope that you'll also include the prices of the food in your post. More food & resto post to come :-)

Jen Tan said...

hello my pink cookies! yeah sana they do open up other branches...but I guess what makes their food really good and consistent is that the nice owners are always there to supervise...keeps the quality of their food and service good =)

thanks for dropping by!

Jen Tan said...

hey sweet dreams! thanks so much =) pasensha na sa mga typos ko and I will take note to take note of the prices of the food para I can add those info here!

Thanks for droppingby and for the suggestion...=)

oliboy said...

carbo-loading kras?

Jen Tan said...

yes kras...carbohydrates is the BIGGEST part of the food pyramid right? ;P hahahaha