Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just Desserts

Let's talk about desserts =) they say, this is the part of any meal that we always have room for, at times we opt to have it rather than the meal! I have a personal preference for contanst when it comes to my dolci desires. I really find hot and cold treats, say...a warm crepe and a cold ice it just a freshly fried turon ala mode! Next to that, perhaps anything ala mode...then anything cold ...and then bitter-sweet, dark,decadent and chocolately =)

Here are some sweet endings that I have enjoyed and not so enjoyed ;P

Brownie ala Mode at Mary Grace Cafe, Serendra

Yummy brwonie topped with a DOUBLE scoop of Vanilla Ice cream, drizzled with Caramel sauce and chopped cashews! That double scoop of ice cream made this dessert twice as nice ;P hehehe

Moleten Cake ala mode at Cena, Greenbelt 3
As you can see, the presentation lacked appeal. Kinda looked sad...that dark lava cake beside that chocolate ice cream mound. However, the cake oozed nicely with the molten chocolate center and the chocolate ice cream was nice. A good part in the pleasure of eating dessert, for me, is the enticement by sight....I like getting teased by the looks of a beautifully plated dolci as much as getting satisfied by its taste. Perhaps they could have presented this better for it's full appreciation =)

Chocolate Caramel Cake, at Mary Grace Cafe, Serendra

Not too sweet, moist and decadent!

Mango Cheesecake at Cena, Greenbelt 3
It was the no bake type...satisfaction level from this one..err....just ok =)

Decadent Chocolate Cake, Cena, Greenbelt 3
again, another dessert that lacked excitement. I remebered my first sweet encounter at was with the Artic Mud pie...and I really thought it was great was unfortunately unavailble that evening and we ended up with this. It was not bad, though.

Now, on to the cool stuff....

Halo-Halo at Bangus, Greenhills

Since halo-halo is a Filipino classic dessert, so logic told me any decent pinoy resto can serve this one up. This one was made up of, what I surmised, "minatamis" out of the bottle! ;P To add variety..they just made gulaman in two colors! hahaha Good thing I like gelatin =)

Ice Berg halo-Halo
Doulble the fun, with 2 yummy scoops of ice cream! Theirs had corn, which is kind of a deviation from tradition...or so the "traditional" kind I know.

Abe's Hao-halo

I love this one! I think all the mix-in's are homemade. The ube is rich tasting and tastd like the real thing....the leche flan was creamy and smooth....and I love that the gulaman is pandan flavored =)

Mango-Melon-Strawberry Ice of Iceberg

A light and cool...Ice Monsterish treat from Icebergs =) If you find beans, flan, ube, saba bananas etc too heavy...try a fresh fruit halo-halo! Refreshing, healthy and makes for a happy sweet treat.

Ahhh the sweet life =)


Manggy said...

Wow, you're so hard on Cena, haha :) Then again, I am hard on most desserts (and they really do look a little sad...). The MMS Ice from Iceberg's looks really good. I don't mind saba and leche flan, but I really don't like ube, garbanzos (least not in dessert), beans, and macapuno.

♥u8mYpiNkco0kiEs♥ said...

wow! yummy yummy desserts!!

arvi09 said...

Gad! you eat a lot of desserts!

ey, add me up... made a new food blog

though not much to see yet

Jen Tan said...

hey Manggy! ooopsie...I don't me tobe so hard on Cena...I really was impressed the first time I tried their Arctic Mud pie...pero recent visits parang sad na mga desserts nila....

You don't like UBE, Chickpeas, beans and macapuno na matamis?---oooh ako I love them! So your halo-halo has no laman na? hahaha joke=D perhaps d ka halo-halo kinda guy?

Jen Tan said...

hey pinkcookies...yup desserts are yummy yummy =)

Jen Tan said...

hey arvi! ok will add up your new link when I update my list..thanks for letting me know =) hope you doin well ah

♥u8mYpiNkco0kiEs♥ said...

yeh.. yummy but fattening! but i still love them. one of my faves is Conti's! their cakes are divine! also Chocolat!

Jen Tan said...

yup ..there is a price to pay when enjoying these sweet treats! kaya work out! work out! hahahaha

I like chocolate sans rival at Conti's =)

princess_dyanie said...

wow may sweet tooth ka rin pla! pareho tyo! i love desserts! yumm yumm ;)

Jen Tan said...

hello princess! yes ..I do have a sweet tooth from time to time =) thanks for stopping by!