Monday, July 14, 2008

Fun Foodies =)

Do you have days when you just don't feel like eating proper meals? Well, I certainly do! These are days when you just wana go about the day...jumping from one resto to another and just have some nice plates of yummy nibblies =)

Let me share a few....

Rootbeer Float at Bugroo

Burgoo Nachos!

Ohhhh yeah! It's kinda hard to go wrong with Nachos! Even the Nachos at Jollibee is kinda good ;P hahaha This one is loaded with black olives, jalapeno, tomatoes, onions and CHEEEEEEEEESE!!! If they added some sour that would have kicked this one up a knotch! ;P hahahaha

Jumping to another fun place....Pomodoro Verde....
How can pizza not be fun???? This is a Four Cheese Pizza with Pesto!
The crust was thin and crisp! It was a very nice canvass to the pesto and 4 cheeses!!! Very yummy but kinda small....a 9" round with a thin crust? Could just be an appetizer! hahaha =)


Manggy said...

Hmm... About the nachos at Burgoo, I recently had some at Power Plant. It wasn't good enough in my book :( It was pale, the toppings were dry, and the jalapenos were too big so you couldn't get a decent scattering of the flavor-- you had to eat a giant jalapeno or none at all. Plus, parang cheez wiz ang ginamit :P

Jen Tan said...

hindi naman dry yun toppings nun Nahos namin here..though you are quite right that the cheese was cheez wiz like ;P hahaha but I like cheese wiz naman! hahahah Pihikan pikan ka eh!!! ;P hahahaha