Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mister Kebab

Persian food is great! It's simple, imteresting and healthy cusine =) One of the no fuss, no frills and cheap to boot, persian food can be enjoyed at Mister Kebab! Ah yes...I am sure alot of you out there have tried or at least heard of this place....located at it's new home, along west can't miss this blue and red painted, al fresco resto! I remember the first time I tasted Mister Kebab...when it was still along Quezon Avenue...almost cornering West was then a bit shabby yet always teeming with hungry patrons. It's so refreshing that they now have a bigger and better place =)

Chicken Curry

Well, clearly no frills on the way they dish out the hey...the curry is very flavorful, though my friend said it would have been better if they pumped this up with some heat! Very nice with rice and/or with grilled pita bread.

Spinach with Yoghurt

How great is this side dish for your digestion?! Very!!! Loads of fibre from the Spinach and yoghurt to aid in disgestion =) Very refreshing...reminded me of laing sans the richness and savory quality.


Well, not the best tasting hummus....and the olive can be not olive oil ;P hahaha but tastes fine and fair enough for the price...I think about 60 bucks.

Biryani Rice
Alightly curried rice =)

Grilled Liver
I hope non-liver fans won't gawk at this pic...I am a 'em grilled to a slight char! hahaha Love it with that garlic-mayo sauce...add a bit of that red hot garlic-sauce...yup that's the way I like 'em

I don't remeber what this is? Can you guess? ;P

Baba Ganoush and Grilled Tomatoes
They said it was baba ganoush...but it looked like and tastes like hummus! hahaha Grilled tomatoes are wonderul with the grilled stuff you can have here =)

Chicken Kebab

Ground chicken meat...formed like a skin-less longganisa and grilled! Served with a hefty mound of rice with a slab of butter! I think the butter compensates for the lean meat.

And pita....

Love that lean bread! Very usuful to scoop up hummus or baba ganoush...and to wipe of curry sauce! =D

A good ol' friendly neighborhood dining place =) Simple and satisfying.


Manggy said...

Ah, at least this is nearer :) The pita, curry, and kebab look good. The baba ganoush and the hummus are sad affairs :P

Jen Tan said...

yup, you got it...but super cheap naman... not bad ma rin as dipping for pita...pwede na \D