Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mapapa-RICE ka! =)

Amidst the rice shortage, I noticed, quite a number of restos offer RICE ALL YOU CAN promos. Perhaps they know most customers wouldn't really consume that much rice due to "diet/health" reasons, so it all makes sense too =)

It was raining quite hard last Wednesday...a nice time to laze and graze!? hahahaha Indeed! Well...maybe just my friend and I opted for some good ol' Filipino comfort food...and the first thing that came to mind....Abe =)

It's rice time! Ah yes, for about Php 60.00 you can consume all the nice steamy rice you want!

We contemplated hard to either order the yummy bamboo rice or have plain rice galore! We loved the bamboo rice, but some dishes just need to be paired with good plain grains! hahaha So rice it was for us then and to go with that....


Oh's better enjoyed with plain white rice! Chopped stalks of Swamp-water cabbage (Kang Kong) swimming in a light coconut cream sauce....coconut cream ...plain very nice =)

Another perfect dish with lotsa rice.....Kapangpangan Sisig!

This was not served in the usual sizzling most sisigs we encounter..perhaps this is just they way it should be? I have never had true blue Sisig from Pampanga (mental note: look for that Aling Lucing's Sisig in Pampanga ;P ), so I really can't state this matter of factly. It's made of chopped pork liver (we are liver lovers!) and chopped parts of the pig facing! hahahah (now that doesn't sound so appetizing now...) Well it tasted very good. Sisig sans the chicharon and other addendums that are usually added to the sisig (e.g. egg, mayo etc..)...which enables you to savor the real piggy face goodness of the dish =D

"Miss! More rice please!!! ...."

We just tried our best not to order the enticing Binukadkad na pla-pla and crispy tadyang! Maybe on another rainy day...but those would be nice with the bamboo rice!!! =)
Always a delightful eating experience at Abe's. Simple pinoy goodness!


Manggy said...

Ah, it is obviously one of your favorites, ha? :) I could actually use some of that gising-gising now ;)

Water Boy said...

nah, forget about the aling lucings sisig. they just put a lot of grease and onion.

Jen Tan said...

hey Manggy! yup fave nga Abe's when it comes to Filipino food =)

Jen Tan said...

hey waterboy! ah talaga? so not worth the trip to Pampanga? hehehe oh well...madame din good sisig in Manila right?

Thanks for dropping by =)

princess_dyanie said...

I didn't know na may rice galore sa Abe. Is this in Serendra? Oh and Trinoma right? Thanks for this! Now, I have more reasons to go here hehe ;)

Jen Tan said...

hello princess! this one is at Trinoma....yup eat all you can rice for 60 bucks =) ---go na!