Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jay-J's, Congressional Avenue

Ang sarap kumain kapag umuulan =)! Oh yes, it was another rainy day... hungry and all, my friend and I saw a new branch of Jay-J's Inasal along Congressional avenue and I told my friend that I have eaten at it's branch in Tomas Morato a couple of times...and loved the SISIG RICE and FREE mini turons!

How convincing am I... ;P

SISIG RICE!!!!!!!!!!!

YUMMMMMMMMMMY! Sisig bits (that was more of chicharon-ish...but so what? it tasted good!) , scrambled eggs with a sweet-savory flavored rice!!! We liked it a lot. Yes, we could tell that they added some sugar! Well, when we say "FILIPINO STYLE" it means "matamis" so I guess they know that we have a preference for sweetish food (e.g. Filipino style spaghetti sauce=matamis na spaghetti sauce! =) )

Crispy Pla-Pla with Bacalao
Remember how enticed we were by the Binukad-kad na Pla-pla at Abe's...but didn't get to have it because we thought it was too big? We thought this dish was like, if not the same as, that, at half the size (and the price!). Perfect for two people. This was our second time to have bacalao...first at Abe's ...but we thought we liked it's rendition here was less tangy. Perfect with the crisply fried fish!

And ofcourse, we had to have some Inasal
This was the pecho (breast part). Tender and flavorful! Dip in suka with a little toyo, calamansi and sili.
Our somewhat alternative to Abe! Let the sisig rice be our "bamboo rice" and that crispy pla-pla for the binukadkad na plapla =) hahaha Oh they also have gising gising here...perhaps to try on a next vist.
No free turon though! hehehe Perhaps only in Morato.
No fuss, no frills and very affordable pinoy faves here.


Manggy said...

I'm so bad, I don't even know where Jay-J's is in Morato! Looks good :)

Jen Tan said...

hahaha...sorry not in morato pala..its along Timog...near Burger King!!! my bad =) Kaya mo di makita!