Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Queens, Jupiter St. Makati

Eating Indian food, is always quite an adventure for the tastebuds as they incorporate a good number of spices in each and every dish. Queens, is one of the Indian restos I have heard quite a number of good reviews. I think the first time I heard about this was way back when there was "F" on studio 23...the magazine show of Amanda Griffin, Angel Aquino and Daphne Osena ( lobe that show....whatever happend to that??? )...but only got to try it now!!!! =)

I was really up for something cheesy....hey Indian's have paneer=cheese! =) Queen's offer Tandoori Pizza! We found it quite interesting...and chose the Curry Mozzarella Pizza

The crust tasted like Naan bread...good Naan bread...topped with a very, very generous layer or oooey-goeey Mozzarella....check it out.....

it had some tomato sauce...but wait....we looked at eachother after a few bites.....where is the curry???? hmmmm we called on the waitress to ask if there maybe some curry sauce with which this pizza should be eaten with....but alas....we were told that the curry was already incorporated in the pizza...I guess that was pretty much our disappointment for the day. Nevertheless...the uber cheesy-ness was definitely a thumbs up....makes it very satiating as well. We reallt felt the cheese thump down our stomachs hahaha =)

We also had Chicken Samosas =)

Delicious crispy empanada-like pyramids...housing flavorful ground chicken meat with some green peas =)

Served with pickled pickled onions, vinegared cucumber cubes and a basil-cilatro puree was it?

Kinda reminded me of the Krathong-tong Thai dish, sans som corn =) Yummy...yummy!
Queens have a very good variety of Indian dishes...from an array of curries, Tandoori meats, Vegan dishes, breads, rice Lassis....worth coming back to and perhaps with a bigger appetitie to boot! =)


Manggy said...

Ooh, as you may recall I've been trying to get more South Asian and Middle Eastern food into my vocabulary. I should get to Jupiter one of these days!

Jen Tan said...

Yes should =) There is also another neighboring Mediterranean resto near can check that out too =)