Wednesday, June 04, 2008

PINO Resto Bar

We are creatures of habit. However so, don't you always find yourself on the look out for a new hangout? Well, we most certainly do....and when we find something interesting, we tend to go back to that place over and over untill we get bored and look for a new thing hahaha! This post is three visits please don't go on thinking all these were consumed in a night ;P hahaha!

Tucked somewhere within the quite streets of Teacher's Village...lies PINO...a fusion Japanese resto-bar. Just traverse Matahimik Street and you won't miss this quaint looking place =) It is quite small...very personal...and the interiors are simple yet artful....decent enough for a casual date...casual enough for nightly hangouts.

The menu is even more interesting. No sushi nor sashimis here though...but a lot of Japanese inspired dishes that is definitely amusing at the same time yummy.

Cheese Sticks with Mango Salsa

Ok...nothing Japanese at all about this...but it's just one of the yummy pica-pica they offer. Served on a funky rectangular plate and adorned with alfalfa sprouts...I love the way they plate the dishes...makes you feel like you are dining at a fancy schmanzy place =) They inserted bell peppers in each stick, and the best part is the Mango salsa which makes for a refreshing twist. Make sure you ask for another serving of the salsa =)

Wasabi Onion Rings

One of their best sellers. Wasabi battered rings of onions...deep fried and served on a skewered mounted on a zucchini avant garde! ;P

Tofu Blocks

These are just your good ol' tofu fried made interesting by the pool of tamari sauce underneath.

Salmon Belly Roll
This was our fave....Salmon rolled in nori with an ebiko center! The sauce zigzagging the plate is a yummy sweetish sauce (that I didn't get to catch the name of...on my next visit I will definitely check!) Each piece is just but a perfect mouthfull =)

Fish and Chips
We were quite taken back when we were served this dish as we were expecting the typical battered and golden fried dory fish with some potato wedges. How wrong were we! It kinda looks like a plate of TAPA...but as you bite into the blackened pieces, you would reconize the taste of nori and the fish fillet it envelopes. Unique and interesting...yummy too, though if you are not up for surprises you may get disappointed by their rendition of this Fish & Co. fave! We enjoyed it but perhaps can be made better if done crispier. The mound of shoestring potatoes on the side was a very nice take on chips..nice to nibble on and makes the plate prettier too =)

They have this cocktail on the menu....sake lychee...hmmm...curious...curious am I...when will it be made available though? hahaha


Manggy said...

Wushu, kunwari ka pang 3 visits yan! Admit it! You ate all that in one sitting! Hahaha. Joke lang :)

That is fantastic. Really inspiring stuff. I hope it will survive stuck in the middle of a quiet residential area! Word of mouth is good but not as powerful as location!

Jen Tan said...

hahaha Manggy ah...mashado mo alam na malakas ako kumain!!! Nagpapaka-demure na nga ako with my claim of 3 visits eh...hahhaha

Yah sana mag is nice...=)

ALiNe said...

Mmmm... kakaiba - wasabi onion rings....

Jen Tan said...

hey Aline! twist on the conventional O-rings noh? =)