Saturday, June 21, 2008


Just to share some meryenda faves at Mary Grace cafe...
Grilled Kesong Puti

I don't think I have to expound on this I have posted about this more than once already I think =) It's a great afternoon snack...good ol' kesog puti with Olive oil that you eat with toasty bread slices..

Here is a new fave....Cabcab with Onion Dip
This is actually the reason for this entry. As we looked through the appetizer list...we saw this entry and without thinking twice..ordered this intruguing app =) We go...cabcab??? What could it be....well as we found out cabcab are wide, ultra thin slices of casava, fried to crisps that you use to scoop ot the yummy, sour-cream based onion dip! I find that it's as great with the grilled quesong puti =)

Yummy afternoon treats...I love how simple and good the dishes are at Mary Grace's cafe =)

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