Sunday, June 08, 2008

Abe's Azotea

Way before I knowing Felly J's...I have always wanted and meant to try dining at Abe's. Unfortunately, I have never had the chance to do so because the place is always packed at Serendra. Either we are always on the wait list and couldn't wait no more...or just always to hungry to wait to even try to be on it's wait list! hehehe. Finally, it's sister in Trinoma...Abe's Azotea, isn't half as bad... =)...well maybe it's because we were just two people...hence, it was easier to squeeze us through the wait list.

We were in the mood for some good Filipino food. We chose to have the Crispy Hito with Balaobalo Sauce

Two cripsy fried just the pefect size. This is our first time to try Balaobalo. It's fermente rice...with a sour tone and pasty-gritty mouth feel. I am used to having my fried hito with a vinegar-bagoong-mustasa (mustard leaves) dip. This was an interesting twist to enjoying yummy catfish =)

Chopped Swamp-Water Cabbage...most commonly known as Kang-kong, stalks cooked in coconut milk with shirmps and chilis. We had the heat toned down a bit because, I am not so hot over overly hot dishes =) So good! I love dished with coconut cream!

Bamboo Rice

At Abe's...steamed plain rice comes in unlimited helpings for Php 60.00 a person. Why have your rice plain...when you can have it steamed with chicken, mushrooms, veggies...cooked and served in a BAMBOO to boot! It taste as good as it looks! Reminds of our chinese Kiam pung (literally translates to salty rice); a chinese rice dish..that is usually made with some soy sauce...pork or fried scrambled egg strips.. some peanuts etc..and kinda stickier than the average fried rice, which it is sort of like ;P This bamboo rice can be a meal on its own! Yes, we almost finished the entire thing....left just 1/4 of it because we were full already? ;P hahahahha

Another fave Filipino restoonmy list!


canDIshhh said...

I like Abe's food, problem ko lang is the price.. it's too much for Pinoy food.. :(

Jen Tan said...

hmmm...for me Di parang ok lang...the servings are quite big and the quality and service is good too =) pero kung mas magiging mura sha...naku THE BEST NA ITO HAHAHAAH! ;p

Miss you Di!!!! KUMAIN NAMAN TAYO!!!!

ALiNe said...

The bamboo rice looks really yummy!

Jen Tan said...

yeah Aline...yummy...youshould try! =)