Thursday, June 19, 2008


On a cool breezy's nice to have dinner al fresco. My friend and I had dinner at Chelsea at Serendra...and we got to have very nice dishes for the night...

Foccacia with Roasted Garlic
I just love bread...and adore the sweetness of the garlic rendered by roasting =)

I had wine ofcourse....they have nice Lindeman's Lambrusco

Crab Cakes
We loved this dish! Each patty is densely packed with crabmeat. Served with pomodoro and aioli..soo wonderful with wine and a very satiating appetizer! I could just have had this as my meal! hahahaha

Take a closer look of the crabby-goodness!

Salmon with Salsa Verde served with Mashed Potatoes and Baby Asparagus

Oh my...I was close to being full from the crab cakes...but I just had to make room for this entree. The Salmon was perfectly cooked and the salsa verde was a delicious compliment..however I kinda found it a tad bit in need of some salt =)

Roasted Prawn Pizza

The crust was thin and crisp...very craker-like..which makes this a light pizza! It was lightly ladened with bits of roasted prawns, onions and bell peppers..just right amount of cheese and finished with a heap of greens with vinaigrette.
Yummy...yummy chelsea =)


Manggy said...

I was close to being full from the crab cakes...but I just had to make room for this entree.

Hahaha, this sounds like a recurring theme with you! :P Anyway, it does look like a good meal-- crab cake is one of my favorite dishes :)

Anonymous said...

pardon me for being a spoiler... is it just me, i never really it when restos would name a dish roasted prawns etc... when the dish itself, the prawn isnt that obvious coz its chopped up, i rather have a whole shrimp... when i first saw this in the menu, being a prawn lover, i immediately ordered this... and when it came, i was sadden... i was expecting PRAWNS... whole... oh well...

Jen Tan said...

hahahaha...hey Manggy...a recutting theme ko ah----oo kahit I'm full (but not quite ;Phehhee) I still manage to eat and eat some more! hahahah..gluttony perhaps ba? well such a waste not to eat what I ordered di ba? =D

Yeah..those crab cakes are really good...try it and tell me what you think...I honestly haven't tried many renditions of this...parang nga eto pa pa lang ata in a resto ah, other than homemade ones =)

Jen Tan said...

hey sakai...baka ni-chop yun prawns para easy to eat...sakin ok lang as long as they ARE prawns naman talaga =)...what would be really nasty if they had called it roast prawn pizza and used shripms lang ;P hahahaha hmmm perhaps we can just think that the fact they had to chop it up, is indicative that it may have come from a big bad arse prawn ;P hahahaha