Friday, May 30, 2008

Spicy Fingers

Where have all the people gone?? GB3 used to be the place to be! During the hay days of Temple bar..Nuvo....Cena etc....when you walk around the this'll surely see a familiar face...bump into a friend...and have a hard time getting a table. Well, a lot has changed when Serendra, Bonifacio Highstreet and Gb5 came along. Well, there are still people hanging out there...but just not as popilated as it used to..and the crowd kinda changed as well. Nevertheless, we didn't falter forging through! hahaha There is this place (I am not sure how new) which called out to us....Spicy Fingers!'s neither the name nor the food that brought us in...but the nice band that was playing...which kinda gave a feeling of nostalgia! hahahah The band playing was hyperbeat! Any of you familiar with them? I used to listen to them play at the Conservatory at Manila Pen....and I thought they were great then.

We went in to check out the band and I picked out a dessert to pick we listened to some 80's rock and dance music =)

This was their Chili Flourless Chocolate Cake ala Mode

I have heard of the combination of Chili in dolci....and have tried it as Gelato flavor. It seemed interesting and I thought might be a house specialty since we were at SPICY Fingers right? WRONG! hahahahah Such a disappointment it was. The cake tasted like cardboard! Could detected any chocolate in it...though it was spicy! hehehe Even the ice cream on top was bad...icy and seemingly aged in the freezer storage! hahaha

Oh well..I was wrong having dessert in a drinking place! Nonetheless it turned out to be quite an enjoyable experience...the band was quite good still =)


Manggy said...

Yikes, Hyperbeat! Ancient history! Hahaha, just kidding. Hindi ako ma-bar or whatever so parang familiar lang yung name :)
Sorry about the dessert, though! Tsk, tsk!

Jen Tan said...

hahaha oo noh...Ancient history talaga nga...actually ...I think new member na yun isang young girl..otherwise...she did not age a bit! hahaha the other woman..well sure ako from the original! hahaha