Monday, June 16, 2008

Chilyn Wedding

Last Sunday was a day of celebration! My day started with a wedding at Blue Leaf, fort. My good friends Chi and Lyn tied the knot at that morning...with a very beautiful Christian wedding. Up until that time, I never knew that there is a new spot atthe Fort, housing Starbucks, Pancake House, Razon's and other a school to boot! A promisng place indeed.

The ceremony was really touching as my friends exhanged their personal vows to eachother =) We moved on to the adjacent pavillion, where the celebration was held catered by The Mandarin Oriental.

They had this wonderful cupcake tower...of pink and mint green =) All the ladies in da haus got one! hahaha I didn't mine as I am not so hot over vanilla cupcakes and FROSTINGS (sorry) but my friends told me they were indeed very yummy!!!

come closer.....

We had a chinese lauriat luncheon....starting with cold cuts and the usual chinese platter of century egg slices, roast pork, roast chicken, seaweeds etc...

Shark'sFin Soup

This was a hot prawn salad with mango custard in fried milk

I liked the prawns that were breaded and fried with a sweetish glaze...however, the mango custard in fried milk was kinda toomuch for me....

like a mango panacotta with mango bits deep fried with a thick batter coating. Kinda too rich and too oily tasting for me.

Steamed Garoupa

Deep Fried Taro Balls with Sweet Chili Sauce

The soft crusty fried exterior embraces a mix of minced prawns, pork and mashed taro. I like taro, so I enjoyed this dish =)

Kiampung Wrapped in Lotus Leaves
Like a big bad arse chinese machang sans the stickiness =) Yummy!!!

Braised Mushrooms and Vegetables

Fried Duck

Ohhh lalala! A huge platter of duck splendor!!!! And how did we treat this fat royalty? Sad to say...most of us were already quite full atthis time...can you believe we barely touched a fourth of this serving??? SAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG!!!! If I could trun back the hands of time and go back that I am quite starving fromnothabing lunch yet.....aaaaaaaaaaaaah...sayang =(
Lychee Mango Sago

Even before the appetizers was served, we were all anticipating dessert! Oh yes..we chinese people lovemango sago...and thisonemade special with lychee =)

Buchi and Chinese Cookies
Served just to be sure all guests are EXTRA FULL =)



Manggy said...

That Kiampung looks scarily huge. I've never had one before. Maybe you should have asked for a doggie bag and packed the duck, haha!

Aw, you could have reported back what you thought of the cake :(

Anonymous said...

nooo....!!!! sayang yun duck

Jen Tan said...

hey was HUGE talaga....don't worry..that was meant for 12 peeps on the table ;P A lot of us actuallt contemplated on doggie-bagging the DUCK.....pero we were taken over by finess! hahahahahhaha

Oh sorry that I have no comment on the cup cakes....didn't try it not so over over iced vanilla ones =)

Jen Tan said...