Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm Back Sexy Back! =)

I would almost always opt to try a new place when going out...especially on a weekend. Then again, there are days...when you want to spend those much awaited for nights at good ol' reliable places where you know you WILL enjoy the food and you WILL be able to expect sure shot comfort in service and enjoy the ambiance =)

One of the few wow cakes that I truly love and dream of since my first forkfull bite of the cake of Ms. Baba Ibazeta....NONO'S CHOCOLATE OBLIVION, AT Classic Confections, Greenbelt 5.

It is, unfortunately, only my second time to enjoy this oblivious cake. I have craved and dreamt of having it with strong cafe Americano....time...and I am back!!! I dragged my friend to take me there and made sure we wern't too full to have it and made sure it was early enough so we don't catch closing what happend on a prior dinner trip to GB5. Ahhhhhh...pure pleasure!!!! Like a dream coming true with each bite of this wonderfully chocolately-nutty-not-too-sweet chocolate master piece being washed down by a deep dark brew!!!! HEAVEN INDEED!!!

Waking up and goin back to reality...we did a little shopping around. Perhaps I was still oblivious when I bought a pair of Calvin Klein jeans!!!! My friend goes...seriously???? JEANS????? hahahahah Yes my friends..I am a girly girl and I RARELY purchase I RARELY WEAR them!...Weird? Alas no! hahaha I am the kind you'd usually spot wearing skirts, shorts and dresses...almost never in pants! hahaah I dunno why I do..I just do. I just feel that, as I am petite, pants and jeans make me feel SHORTER! hahahaha Well, crazy, crazy....have them add to the oh so few pairs I own =)

Crazy shopping can work up an appetite. As I have mentioned...I am all for being at places that are good and reliable that you don't have to guess where dinner GB5...a fave for good wine, dinner and ambiance...Zuni it is again for me =)

We actually checked out Chateau before giving a final go to Zuni...but their wine selection is quite short and the food menu didn't tickle our fancy. Perhaps we were really set to go back to Zuni.

I don't want to over indulge that evening. I have had my cake and ate it too right? I did want to enjoy the I opted for the SPINACH SALAD

Spinach and various greens, with stewed tomatoes, shitake mushrooms and parmigiano shavings (I did ask for an extra side helping of the cheese...we don't want protein deficiency in the evening now do we? hahaha), tossed with a lovely creamy rosemary vinaigrette. A perfect pair with our Merlot for the evening. Oh...and I did load up on the ciabatta and butter to fill up ( I am NOTon a diet here! hahaha)
My friend had the US Wagyu Sirloin with Peppercorn Sauce

Served with brown rice risotto and veggies. I didn't get tp taste his food...but I could tell it was good since the plate was wiped out clean! hahaha
And these are a few of my favorite things..... =)


Manggy said...

Mukhang favorite na favorite niyo ang classic confections ah :) I probably won't eat there as I'm still on my resolution not to eat desserts I didn't make.
My favorite jeans are from Topman-- unlike you I wear jeans all the time when I'm out :)
I ate at Zuni na. The service and quality is nice but the menu is permanent and long (there's a long list of... meats to grill?! I didn't realize it was a grill-resto)... I would have preferred a temporary, seasonal menu with only a few *really* good items (you know, only one risotto, few grill items, two pastas, etc.)

Jen Tan said...

hey Manggy! yup fave ko ang classic confections...well at least yun chocolate oblivioun lang...I dn't eat banana cream pie ;P hahah

yeah they do have a long list of grilled items there...maybe we like it 'coz its healthy? =) and the wine list is quite lengthy so that's part of the thril ;P hahahaha

Jeans from Topshop seems ok too..though I don't have a pair of that yet...but I did check them out and they do have petite sizes and different lengths of jeans so feel ko they fit quite well too =)

ALiNe said...

Ay parang ang nipis ng US wagyu sirloin..

Jen Tan said...

hey Aline..yah it was kinda manipis since my friend ordered mga 160gms lang order by the gram...small appetite ng friend ko?

ChichaJo said...

Nono's Chocolate Oblivion is my favorite cake ever!!! Every bite just affirms to me that I was born to eat this cake :) Dark chocolate, not too sweet, with walnut praline...I dream of it too!!! I haven't tried much of Baba's stuff and it is because of this cake that I just can't order anything else no matter how much I tell myself to try something new! The vanilla cupcakes are good too though :)

Jen Tan said...

hey joey!!!! I COULDN'T AGREE WITH YOU MORE =) The only other thing I can oder there apart from this cake is COFFEE =) MY LOVE!!! hahahaha

maybe we will bump into eachother there one time! take care dear joey!!! hugs

mikky said...

Hi, very interesting finds you have here... thanks for sharing...

Jen Tan said...

hey mikki! thanks =)