Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weekend Cooking =)

Cravings and hunger pangs set me off to a culinary expedition! To the kitchen I headed as I woke up that Sunday morn. I opened the pantry and eyed a pack of fettuccine pasta....a can of tuna in oil....a pack of tomato sauce....looking over to the counter, I saw some anchovy fillets....I remembered having a ball of quezo de bola in the fridge.....FETTUCCINE AL TONNO THEY SHALL BE!!! =)

I chopped a head of garlic, an onion and about 5 anchovy fillets. I boiled a pot of water with a dash of rock salt where I would cook my pasta. Then I melted a knob of butter and sauteed the anchovies until they were melted...I added the garlic and onions and the my shobe came to the kitchen, hungry and all...saw me cooking pasta and came back to me with a can of button mushrooms!!! CHOP---I told her...and so she did! We added the chopped shrooms to the saute and I asked her to grate the quezo de bola. I then added the drained tuna in oil...then added the tomato sauce and half of the grated cheese....seasoned it with pepper, a dash of sugar and a tiny pinch of salt (the anchovy and cheese were already salty), then some parsley flakes. I simmered the sauce for about 5-10 minutes adding some of the pasta water to thin out and thicken in ;P

Just about when my pasta was done, I drained them and placed it back in the pot, tossed in my sauce, added more cheese and covered to rest (sans the flame) to let all the flavors meld and let the sauce stick on the pasta ;P

And here it is plated....topped with cheese and parsley flakes =)
It was yummy!!!!!!!! The anchovies made all the difference. I which I had some capers and black olives..it would have been divine with those =)
For some dolci, my shobe had a brilliant idea, which she picked up from AFC (Asian Food Channel). Caramelized Apples with Mascarpone cheese was the recipe, but I told my sis we didn't have any mascarpone cheese...nor cream cheese (which would have been a fine substitute with ab it of confectioner's sugar =)) So I just suggested we just put vanilla ice cream! YUM!!!!!! =)
Here is how we made them. My sis quartered and cored 2 apples as I melted some butter in a non-stick pan. I placed about 2-3 heaping tablespoons of brown sugar and added the apples....and a dash of cinnamon...
I cooked the apples until they were soft and tender.

I placed the cooked apples in a shallow dish, topped with scoops if vanilla ice cream and drizzled the caramel sauce over =)


It was a fun day of cooking and eating! =)

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