Monday, January 18, 2010

Mien San Noodle House

I am still not over craving for Chinese food. Perhaps the hunger will never go away, because....I am always hungry ;P hehehe

Yes my friends, I am still on with my pork chop hunting! We now go back to an old and reliable choice....MIEN SAN NOODLE HOUSE. If you are not familiar with this place, you will probably miss it as you drive along Granada St., going to Greenhills. It is an old place, along the lines of Happy Valley restaurant, Thai Dara and the defunct Gayuma (I didn't notice what took the place of this restaurant). A very simple place that is known for yummy dumplings and noodles, priced very affordable.

Complimentary Wonton Chips

I really like being served free pre-meal nibblies =) They are just fried wonton skins with a sprinkling of sugar. Munch...munch...munch...

Steamed Shrimp/Radish Dumpling (Php 90.00/6 pcs)
What a deal ei? Cheaper than Ersao dumplings! hehehe He liked this very much...I only managed to eat one piece ;P

Fried Pork chop Rice (Php 148.00)
I was aghast when this was served to me. I still had this crazy thought at ALL PORCKCHOP RICE that I'll order from Chinese restos will be somewhat like my beloved Delicious Pork chop rice hehehehe. Normally I would have been very pleased by this sight----for Php 148.00 I got a tonkatsu-like chop (which I really like), veggie omelet rolls, a sponge gourd (patola) side dish and an eggplant side dish plus a bowl of rice. Everything was tasty....but at that moment I was just eating because I was eating. It was good homey food though =)

Mustasa with Fish Soup Noodle (Php 119.00 +~10 for noodles)
This was recommended by our server, he just asked them to add noodles to it so it will become more filling =) It was kinda bland tasting....didn't really flipped our switch...but hey, it was healthy =)

Perhaps we were all too worked up with excitement prior to having our meals here. Our food were generally ok, but kinda plain =) Nonetheless, bill was cheap and we went out full--it was ok! hehehe

Mien San Noodle House
Granada St., Bgry. Valencia, New Manila, Q.C.
Tel Nos. 7215794/7230558

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