Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas in HongKOng ^_^ Part III

For the most part, we generally enjoyed chinese cuisine, but we were able to sneak in trying some Japanese food in HK. We stumble upon Beppu Ekimae.

We wanted something light, but different, so we picked these... =)

Tuna Tartare Topped with Black Truffle Gunkan Maki
Boy did we pick the right kind! This was exquisite! As we took our mouthfuls and chewed, we just let out uuuuuuuuhhhmmms and closed our eyes as we savored the textures and flavors gently filling our senses. It was a real delight. We didn't order another of this as we wanted to keep the tastes and sensation with our respective pieces, as perfect.

Ika with Uni Gunkan Maki
This had a more slithering and slippery mouthfeel...delicate and delicious, but we agreed our first Beppu Maki experience was more to our liking. This was nevertheless our second fave =)

We veered away from the delicates and just went to the more filling and fun....

Hokkaido Scallop Thousand Island Pizza

This was a treat! Very different from the kind of pizzas we have here...the crust was buttery, chewy with a light was uber cheesy and very flavorful with the scallops in bedded in the thick goo of cheese =) I think there must have been some Japanese mayo in here somewhere, hehehe.

have a closer look...

It was a very wonderful dining experienced as we enjoyed very well the new combination of flavors and taste of Japanese cuisine. ^_^

Beppu Ekimae 22 Petterson St., Shop 3 1/F Jade and Pearl Plaza, Causewaybay


punky said...

the pizza looks like mooncake! hehe!

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Jen Tan said...

hello punky---mooncake??? hahaha

ok will visit your blog too =)