Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas in HongKOng ^_^ Part II

To date I still dream of this.....

Delicious Kitchen Porkchop Rice ^_^
aaaaahhhh..... this flips my switch!!! Upon arriving in HongKong, this was our first stop to quiet down the clammoring of our stomachs...and perfect it was! How do I begin to describe this simple yet superb rice bowl? The porckchop, unlike anything I have had in Manila.....so tender, so flavorful! It had a sweetish-savory taste, with a texture, not crispy yet tender to the bite. The underlaying rice was the perfect accompaniment. A bed of chopped pechay/bok choy cooked with the rice....no strong flavors here, just the wondeful fragrance of the veggie with the rice. How the simplest foods can be of utmost perfection? =) hahaha

We had other food with the porkchop rice, but I only managed to snap a photo of the bowl of soup beside my rice bowl =)


The humble delight of DELICIOUS KITCHEN. I Likey! =)

Located at #9-11Cleveland St., Causewaybay, HongKong.


Midge said...

You went to BOTH Delicious Kitchen AND Din Tai Fung?!? Oh, how I envy you - the porkchop rice looks really gorgeous!

Jen Tan said...

Hello Midge! Yup yup---we did so =) It was really great...you must go and try these places, the food is simply wonderful! In HK sooo many food to eat...so little time ;P hahaha MUST GO BACK! MUST GO BACK!---my chant since I came back hahaha =D