Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas in HongKOng ^_^ Part IV

Trying more Japanese novelty food...this display window ticked our fancy =)

The place is called TOI HOKKAIDO RICE PIZZA

It was kind of late and we were absolutely dead tired, so we had this as take away...

Salmon, scallops, nori,corn Hokkaido Rice Pizza
It came in a funky take-way box with a funky plastic server (I regret forgetting to take a picture of---rats! It was sort of a plastic version of a pizza wedge server---soooo cool!)...kudos to the Japanese for making brilliant packaging materials and stuff! hehehe

You may have had rice burger, but have you ever had RICE PIZZA?! This was absolutely delicious! Unlike any other pizza we have ever had, because of it's RICE CRUST (hence rice pizza!). It's like a flattened out maki...with a crisped up bottom. Warning: VERY FILLING! It's really loaded with salmon, scallops, nori, corn and perhaps some Japanese mayo and cheese. Very fun to eat and each bite is FULL OF FLAVOR! =)

Toi Hokkaido Rice Pizza, Shop 6-8 G/F Yee On Bldg., 24-26 East Point Road, Causeway bay, HongKong

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