Friday, January 15, 2010

Eat Well, Delicious Kitchen..Not The Real Delicious =(

Our HongKong trip, I thought I would be "sawa" with Chinese food already. Alas! All the yummy memories of what we had there made me crave for them since the day we arrived back in Manila. Before we left for Manila, I we were already curious if the Delicious Kitchen being put up in Greenhills (beside and above Pancake House, where Dencios used to be) was related to or the same as THE Delicious Kitchen in HongKong.

Eat Well, Delicious Kitchen...

Before we settled in, I checked their menu for PORK CHOP with Spinach Rice....IT WAS THERE!!!! Perhaps it is the same???!!! I was so giddy with excitement.

We first ordered the
Xio Long Pao (4pcs.) Php 88.00
this was ok...nothing compare to Din Tai Fung of course, but this had some soup in it and was pretty ok in taste.

Deep-Fried Pork Chop with Vegetable Rice Php 188.00
Awwww.....sadness...when our pork chop rice arrived, we knew it was NOT the same as the Delicious Kitchen in HongKong.
The concept is the same though...spinach in the rice...pork chop on top...but it was not same =( The pork chop was a bit fatty and the rice quite was ok...tasty..but perhaps our expectations were too high that's why we got disappointed. Nevertheless, we can compliment the staff for being very cordial and attentive. Our food came out swiftly I might add, so kudos to the management for that =) Their prices were very reasonable and the food portion was generous, so we were quite happy about that. Despite being in soft opening, the place was in good operational status. Try for yourself =)

Eat Well, Delicious Kitchen
Greenhills, San Juan
Beside Pancake House, near Sugi

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jotan23 said...

next time, try their shrimp puff :)