Monday, May 26, 2008

Old Chinatown Kopi Tiam

The Banawe area really does cradle a lot of restos and cafes that you wouldn't find elsewhere. Beside Taza Cafe along Maria Clara a a not so newly opened kopi tiam...Old Chinatown.

I have been meaning to try this place from various invites....and it took me this look to finally get to try this place. ..but hey..better late than never! hahaha

Old Chinatown has a quaint and rustic feel to it, as you enter it's somewhat small ineteriors. They serve the usual Kopi Tiam kaya toasts and kopi...but during this visit we wanted real food! As we learned they serve Malasian cuisine!

Complimentary Wonton Chips

Freshly fried and crip! We just asked for some sauce to go along with it and even had a second helping!

Char kway Teow Noodles

The serving was BIG! Good for 4 people...too much for two! Made with thick flat rice noodles, mixed with veggies, shrimps, chinese sausages with a yummy sauce which was kinda oily. You kinda not feel too good after eating this..not because it's not delicious...but you soon realzide the amount of fat you have consumed via the after-mouth taste and perhaps an aching at the napes! haahha (just kidding! I exagg!)

Jumbo Siomai
Having one of these is like having two regular in effect this is a serving of six! hahaha . Good and rather lean tasting...very satiating.
There were a lot more interesting food on the menu...and I have yet to try their kopi. I think itis better to eat here when you a in a group so that more dishes could be shared and enjoyed =)


Manggy said...

"You kinda not feel too good after eating this..."
Haha, himala?! Lol, I'm just teasing you Jen. You are far more prolific a travel food writer than I. I can only really eat the stuff I make as I don't go out that often (anymore). Easy lang sa fried wontons! Save the fat points for real food :)

Jen Tan said...

hahaha yeah...I kinda tend to devour the first dish laid before me..and then end up getting too full to eat much of the good stuff in the end...a very good example when we are having chinese lauriat! hahaha

canDIshhh said...

I like the food here.. Not bad right?! Love those wonton chips! hahaha..

Anonymous said...

dined here at past 11pm.. no more wonton chips..:(

Jen Tan said...

hey didi!!! yeah not bad noh? hope I get the chance to go back to try naman the other dishes...sana naman KASAMA KTA!!! Miss you Di!!!!!

Jen Tan said...

sakai....sayang nga...