Sunday, May 25, 2008


I think I have failed to mention that I have recently had a vacation to Boracat! =) was meant to I almost wasn't able to join our group due to some complications in work schedule. Well, what is meant to happen is to happen...and I am so glad to have had the chance to go with Oli and his wonderful sisters (Cat and you girls!), AVT, Mac, Chilyn, Venelaine, Matt, Sher, Peach, Nikki, Jacko, Kirby and Gwen! Whew! I hopeI didn't miss out on anybody ;P

We had a four day vacation, staying at Beach Comber at Station I and had been fortunate enough to have days spent at The Boracay Regency and Discovery Shores =)

Let me just share with you some of the interesting and yummy treats we were able to enjoy!

Well, at the airport, prior to our departure...we were able to spot Ya Kun Kopi Tiam. I got excited to see that it has a branch here in Manila already! It's the famous Kopi Tiam in our Kopi Roti.....but the main difference here is that the toasts are char-grilled =) They offer the same boiled kopi in a pot --with that net..yes with condensed or evap or black....soft boiled eggs with soy and pepper...kaya toasts, french toasts...but no kopi bun though.

Here is the French Toast
Served with kayaon the side! I was only able to have kopi black that morning as I was not yet up for some breakfast. I do hope to get to try this sometime...maybe there are or they will put up more branches =)

Aria Parma Pizza
One of the things I don't want to miss out on a trip to tohave some pizza at Aria =) Still great!!!

Ah and when at Aria...let us not miss having some CHEESE CAKE at Cafe del Sol

We were only able to have the Strawberry Cheesecake...I do adore the Mango version..maybe more! hahaha It's the Gelatin set type..but the best Gelatin-set kind I have had! What I love about it is that they incorporates some chopped Strawberries or Mangoes in the cake body...and they use fresh fruits...not the usual canned and syrupy topping.

There was also a Fish and Co. like resto, situated at DMall....aptly called Fish & Chips...naturally they serve similar food offerings of the formerly metioned..such as...Fish at Chips (ofcourse!), Calamares and chips, Shrimps and chips....pastas and something different..deep fried Tilapia with rice! Treasures from the deep blue sea...all deep fat fried! hahaha

Here is the Parsley-Garlic Fries

The parsley and garlic topping makes for a yummy twist!

Fish & Chips
The good ol' Dory Fish...battered and fried! Very much like the Fish and Co. version at about half the price.

We stubled upon this Korean Ice Monster-like place called Holowich. The first time we passed the place...we vowed to gove it a go! They serve what they call Holowiches...which were pike pocket pita sandwiches...and these babies.... these were what got us to go try the place. You get to chose the ice-shake base (in this pic Strawberry and Coffee)....and they mix in chopped watermelon...bananas...strawberries topped with soft serve vanilla ice cream with a drizzling for chocolate syrup...and the surprise?---some red mongo beans underneath the ice cream!!!! I likey! I love mongo beans!!! Very refreshing and satiating!!! This was Php 120.00 and they also serve this is to-share bowls and a big bad arse bowl for four!!!

As I have mentioned, we had a chance to have a hang out day at discovery thing worth mentioning, apart from the beautiful place, wonderful service and other good food is this...
uber yummy and refreshing LYCHEE MOHITO!!!

The last thing I will tell a tale of....was our lunch at Manana Mexican Resto, located at station I as well.
Tostada Chips with bean paste and salsa dip
The chips were freshly fried and apart from the bean and salsa...we were also give some guacamole!!! Yum! Yum!

Seafood Fajitas



Sizzling Seafood

The above metioned plates all kinda had the same taste...just with different meats and presentation! hahaha Perhaps they use the same mexican spices and most are served with the same siding of mex-rice..beans...salsa..tostada chips and a small heap of potatoes! hahaha
Nevertheless...we all enjoyed our food =)

And how about a big goblet of Mango Margarita!!

So many delightful lunches...snacks..dinners and nightouts we have had...I just am not able to blog-a-thon about all of them.
It was a great vacation inspite of the rains and high tides! hahaha Thanks guys!!!!


Manggy said...

Gosh, super-hedonism again haha!! (yabang lol!!) :) I'm glad you had a great time :)

canDIshhh said...

At last noh?!

How was the beach naman?! Still clean?

Jen Tan said...

hey Manggy...nag sshare lang naman ako ng fooooooooooood .....

hahah yeah had a great time thanks!

Jen Tan said...

hey Didi!! yup the beach was clean naman kase high tide the shoreline is touching the resto edges na! hahahaha

Marvin said...

Thanks for this Jen. I will actually be in boracay in a few days! So I will be on the lookout for these places.

Jen Tan said...

hey Marvin, you are very much welcome! wow so you're coming to Manila!!! You're lucky it's summer-like again no high tides and rains for you=) Enjoy your vacation and food tripping!!!! =)

spektre said...


i made a search thru google for some of jaime oliver's recipes and i came across your blog.

i really enjoyed your post, especially the strawberry cheesecake. your photo made my day.:) i've been watching the strawberries episode from Jaime at Home, I think, twice tonight. just looks so good.

thanks and i'll be definitely checking your blog again.

Jen Tan said...

hello spektre! I am a huge fan of Jaime Oliver--love him! hahaha =)

Thanks for the nice words and for reading me =)Please, please do drop by again!

♥u8mYpiNkco0kiEs♥ said...

loved aria's pizza and pasta too!

other must-tries are gasthof's baby back ribs, bite club's burgers and cyma!

Jen Tan said...

hello pinkcookies!

yup i have tried gastoff din..they have a branch na in makati at a venue!