Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mag Meryenda Tayo! =)

We all like having our meryenda's? Don't we? Ah yes...I think its a luxury since we can opt to have it or not. It's just but nice to have a relaxing afternoon break..with a loved one or friend's or family....enjoying a nice afternoon....what more at Serendra..what more with yummy snack treats ? ----Just lovely =)

Yes, I had that lovely moment at a nice quaint resto in Serendra ...Batirol =) I have tried this place once for dessert and now...for some pinoy comfort treats.


I am a fan of our good ol' Christmas rice it with kesong puti..keso de bola...itlog na maalat...with lots of butter on top and lots of niyog to go with it ...with each and every bite! YUMMM-O!!! ;P hahaha There rendition here though doesn't quite cut as a good bibingka in my book at fave is VIA MARE BIBINGKA!!!! Oh oh....and Nena's Bibingka located in Cubao near Marikina shoe expo (you can have their special one made with extra duck egg in the batter!!! hahaha ) This was quite dense and heavy..nothing great..but edible =) I just dream of perfect ones as I ate this..hehehe

Now this is interesting....Bangus Pate with Wheat Pan de Sal slices

Soft-toasty sliced whole wheat pan de sal that you slather with pate made of bangus...probably cheese and mayo? The bangus gave it a unique twist which was nice.

Ah...and the winner amongst our meryenda trio....LAING FETTUCCINE!!!

You read it right my friends..our very own coconut-creamy, dried taro leaves fave ....served on fettuccine pasta and topped with cheese! Very good! No I never though of a gata based pasta sauce....up until that moment...I say why not indeed =)

Now after that...are you still up fpr dinner?? hahaha Well, we were =)

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