Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wine and Dine at ZUNI

As I do love simple a girly girl...I do adore goin to nice dinner know...dress up a and enjoy some ambiance! Well, Zuni is one place to do all of that. It's located at Greenbelt 5....and what I love about it is how the al fresco area is situated facing nice landscape...just letting a view of GB3 peek through. The patrons are mostly foreigners and the resto just aptly packed...not crowded yet not baren =)

They serve a nice warm bread basket of Ciabatta slices and dinner rolls with butter =)

They have pastas....risottos...a variety of grilled meats...steaks and go with an extensive wine list....from vinos from Chile....surely one will find a bottle of their liking =)

Grilled Chicken Breast with Wild Mushroom Sauce

I had it served with steamed veggies and side salad since I had lots of their good bread already. The meat was very tender and succulent!!! Perfectly cooked and the wild mushroom sauce was a great flavor compliment. Very nice =)

My friend had the Brown Rice Vegetable Risotto
This was veryy good and flavorful as well. It was not as rich tasting and creamy in texture as most Risottos are...but since this was not made or the traditional arborio's made good and healty with the brown rice =)

And to go with our lovely meal.....a nice bottle of Merlot...a nice 2007 wine from Chile...Terra Vega Reservado =)

A very light and smooth red wine...I likey a lot =)
A fine way to relax after a week of work =) I will definitely be back here !


Manggy said...

We were intrigued by this place since it shares a name with a very famous restaurant based in San Francisco. Of course it has nothing to do with that restaurant (nanggagaya lang?). But I hear it's really good there-- at least your pictures look really nice. Would like to try it sometime :)

Jen Tan said...

Ah really? I had no idea ....well it's uso naman here to make gaya names of popular restos there is a Blue Ginger resto at Retiro or Banawe area...which I am sure has nothing to do with Ming Tsai! hahahaa...I think there is eve a real Cibo somewhere abroad!

Thanks...buti my pictures are decent this time....still not good working with my digi! (Up to now noh?) Yes try it...mukang ok din desserts...sama mo ako! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

i dont think the bread in the pic are sliced ciabatta