Friday, May 16, 2008

Felly J's

My very dear college friend Lotte is back in town! WELCOME HOME LOTTE!!! =) She is in Manila for a couple of weeks vacation from W.D.C.

Naturally, when people from abroad come back to the Philippines....they crave and look for good homey Filipino food.

It was a rainy Saturday evening and we were supposed to have dinner at Abe's at Serendra (where good friend's dine dapat right? hahaha)...but unfortunately we were on the waiting list....we waited and waited ..until we couldn't wait longer and the rain kinda left us stranded at the Bonifacio High Street we decided to have our friends fetch us and head on to GB5 to have dinner.

We ended up at Felly J's......and what do you is owned by the same group as Abe's! Yehey to that.

This is the ensalada....

Salted egg wedges, tomatoes, green mangoes, okra and eggplant that you mix with tasty bagoong! yummmm =)

Clams Dish

This one I didn't get to try =)...but they alltold me it was good.


Delicious kare-kareng buntot ng baka...the thick rice-peanuty sauce along with the bagoong was really good. i enjoyed this dish despite not being a kare fan =)

Now, since the advent of the low-carbing craze...a lot of people have veered away from consuming rice and yummy rice dishes...but here at Felly J's, it is totally IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO HAVE RICE....for one...most dishes here are great with it and here are two more reaons....

check this out.... CRISPY DILIS RICE

Uber crisp dilis on top of what was like just good plain steamed yummy..a meal on its own! =)

Pineapple Fried Rice

This yellow rice, topped with slices of scrambles eggs...bell peppers...pineapple chunks and ma-hu (pork floss)!!! Sooo good!!!! Ma-papa rice ka dito! =D

The Crispy Pata
Oh my goodness--this is sinful...uber crisply fried and topped with toasted garlic!!!! Hayayay...ho can something so good be soo bad.....hahahaha

Last but not the least..Sisig!

This sisig was kinda small in serving as compared to the ones we are served other was good too...but with that Crispy pata on the side....this dish wasn't able to shine! hahaha
We all enjoyed all of the dishes here at Felly J' wonder the place was of my fave pinoy restos now =)


Water Boy said...

you guys should also try the adobo ni lola ising (not so sure if this was the actual name basta may adobo). the best adobo i've ever tasted

ChichaJo said...

I have eaten here once so far and we loved it! We had kadios, which is a much loved dish by me and my friend...well Fely J's did not dissappoint at all! It was SO good! :)

Jen Tan said...

hey water missed that dish on the menu ah...will definitely look for that adobo dish when I get the chance to go back (I am sure I'll find my way there ;P hahaha) thanks for the heads up and for dropping by =)

Jen Tan said...

hey joey! I have never had kadios in my life to date...what's that dish like?

Definitely ...Felly J's is a winner...hope they continue keeping the quality of their food =)

Manggy said...

Another nice (and HEAVY!) dinner, Jen! You know, my dad is Kapampangan and so my mom's eaten a LOT of great Pampango food all her married life... She actually doesn't like Abe at all. She thinks the food there is inferior and gross! Haha! I trust her so I don't make-yaya there either!

Jen Tan said...

hey Manggy! Talaga??? Abe and this one is not the real deal Pampango food? ...perhaps Kapampangan food with a twist most new restos try to give a new flair to traditional cuisine...

Any recommendations from your folks where to dine?

Manggy said...

It's not a matter of flair, according to my mom... It's really the way they cook it daw: oil slick, dry, poor presentation, flavor's not special. She likes Sibil, Sentro in lieu of it :)