Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yummy Finio

There is a nice Filipino resto along Tomas Morato that I have finally dined in! I think Finio has been standing there for quite sometime now...but I just have had the chance and never thought of dining there...untill now.

Well...surprises of surprises...we loved the food...Filipino with a little twist! hahaha

We said we wanted to EAT LIGHT AH......where this is how light we got to go....

Pancit with Lechon Kawali

A mix of Canton and Bihon noodles nicely coated with very flavorful soy based sauce..with veggies and brought to the next level with a generous topping to LECHON KAWALI! hahaha

Prtison Wraps
Well...the name itself will tell you that this dish is a winner! Crispy prieces of Pritson (Fried Lechon!) with leeks...a little mayo...wrapped in pita bread that is slightly toasted and served with somesort of hoisin or was it plum sauce....don't remember exactly...but this dish was mighty fine =D


I didn't try this soup anymore..because I didn;t want to be filled up by soup with so many dishes to try! hahaha I passed on this...but it struck me as kinda strange with the noodles being sotanghon like as opposed to egg noodles.

New Zealand Baked Mussles
perhaps Mussels from NZ are pretty these babies were! Generously topped with melted cheese...some slightly burnt...which I LIKE =) hahaha

Yummy Laing! There's had like shreds of bamboo shoots mixed in them...the spiciness was just right and well balanced with the gata =)

Crispy Tawilis
Fired to a crisp and you can eat the whole thing!

Very crispy...very good...need I explain?

Chicken Caesar Salad
Oh...we were supposed to EAT LIGHT PALA =) hahaha
A pleasant discovery of something that has been under our noses for quite a while.


Manggy said...

Ba't parang umaalab yung salad? Haha :)

Great food, Jen... Although if you were really eating light, whole fried pig leg, fried pig belly, fried roast pig, and taro leaves in coconut cream shouldn't be there at least!!!

Jen Tan said...

hahha umaalab ba??? onga! special effects ko yan? ;P hahaha

yeah...I was trying to be funny when I said we wanted to eat light! hahahahaha I didn;t even include the dessert of mango-gulaman like parfait and a slice of sansrival! ;p hahahahahhaahha

Ruy said...

Well at least there's the caesar salad at the bottom of the write up (like a post script) which is definitely light!
LOL Jen, how many people ate all that food?

Anonymous said...

i guess u guys orders sprite light or coke light to compensate?:)

Marvin said...

Wow, that is a lot of pig! I wish I could have some of that krispy pata though.

Fishy said...

Laing is not a very popular meal but I abstalutely lovet!

Jen Tan said...

hahaah yeah ruy...the last chosen healthy dish! hahahaha

would you believe me if I said that we were only two who shared all of that??? ;Phahahahaha KIDDING! madame noh! and we were al ' HUNGRY!!!

Jen Tan said...

no diet sodas...bad din yun...we had hot tea to melt all the fat! hahahaha

Jen Tan said...

hey Marvin! A lot of pig was sacrified that evening indeed! hahaha oh yeah...wish you were in Manila to share all of that...they were worth the risk of heart attack! hahaha

Jen Tan said...

hey fishy! glad you love laing! =)

Sweet Dreams said...

hello jen =)
I know it's off the subject but, meron bang branch ang nominomo near la salle?

Jen Tan said...

hello sweet dreams! actually yes there is a branch at DLSU according to my sis....she was the first to tell me about Nominomo coz its her fave treat in school =)

Sweet Dreams said...

thanks jen =)