Saturday, April 05, 2008

Sushi Katsu

There is this Japanese resto tucked along the side streets of Tomas Morato....beside the building where Heaven and Eggs is....called SUSHI KATSU!

The place is small, personal and very casual. They said that it houses an authentic Japanese my friend and I gave it a go.

Free Miso Soup

Very good..authentic tasting miso soup!
Mix Sashimi Plate

A very pretty plate od Salmon, Uni and Tuna Sashimi. Very freah and the presentation was very nice...our only complain?? TOO SMALL and konti for the price =(

Agedashi Tofu
Lightly fried, delicate pieces of silken tofu pieces in a light sweet soy sauce. I love the nori touch....very tasty..but again...the portion was too small.

Japanese Fish Cake

It's like falttened out fishball...but it has a more delicate flavor and texture. Served with minced ginger in top and some spring onions with a light soy dipping sauce.
All our dishes were all very good only they were pretty small in portion...perhaps not meant for sharing? It's nice to have small plates too at times when you are not upto eating hoards and hoards of food! hahahah
Nice and light japanese treats ...oh they are closed during Mondays for some strange reason =)


Anonymous said...

u should try IZAKAYA YUTAKA in aurora blvd. drop by here then punta tayo. its MUCH MUCH BETTER than SUSHI KATSU, i was disappointed this palce, very high expectations.... went home sad...

Ruy said...

Hoard and hoards? Yup, that pretty much descibes all the food you've been posting. I'm awed...
You go Jen!

Jen Tan said...

hey sakai...drop by where?? parang I haven't noticed that resto when I pass by Aurora...I'll keep my eyes peeled to look out for that Izakaya para may new Jap resto naman kame to try....hope its good! Thanks for the headus up!!! =)

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy! hahaha grabe ba??? oo nga dame food noh! Thanks thanks =)

Lukinda Skye said...

this had been my go-to jap resto in QC and i like it here because i dont have to go to makati for a quick jap meal fix esp for their uni and salmon sashimi and their free miso and their kani salad and their beef stew/ though a bit pricier than the saisaki buffet, it's way way infinitely better.
here is my review of sushi katsu on my blog -

thanks tho for the review of zensho, my friend and i have been meaning to try their buffet, being jap food and sashimi fanatics and have been wondering what to expect.