Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wheatberry on a Hot Summer day!

Let's cool down a bit with some refreshing treats at Wheatberry's. This bakery-resto-cafe, is located near Roces Avenue...neighboring Max's fried chicken and the new Zucchini's (which I have yet to try!) Lately, I find myself always having cold coffee drinks as opposed to my usual hot espresso based drinks....normally even on hot days...I still have my hot coffee! hahha Buit I guess this time just isn't possible! I had the Iced Latte and my friend had the bottomless green iced tea. Each at only Php 60.00....not bad at all ei?? My latte was equal to that of a venti latte at Starbucks for just half the cost...and it was very good iced latte...I was pleased =) The Iced tea was not bad was made from powdered Earth & Sky...but hey...60 bucks...bottomless...on a scortching hot summer afternoon.....NOT BAD AT ALL =) hehehehe

And how about some Nachos to much on as we cool down with our beverages.....

I think this was around Php 120.00.....pretty cheap for a lot o' muchies! hehehehe =)


Manggy said...

Wow, that's walking distance na :) Next thing you know you'll be at Chocolate Kiss and you'll just be a stone's throw away :p

Wheatberry has okay food, it's just the desserts that freak me out. Granted, I've only ever had their chocolate cake with caramel-SESAME filling, but it was so horrific that I haven't had anything else from there since. Sana tinanggal na nila yun.

Jen Tan said...

hey Manggy!!! talaga? sooo near na to you ah...pag gumawa ka ng ice cream I'll hunt you down! hahaha..Oh yes..I used to frequent Chocolate kiss too...pero mejo matagal na hindi....kse there was a time na inara-araw namin yan! hahahha

You got it! The cakes and breads at Wheatberry's is freaky nga...I have tried this place a couple of times...and this is just not the place to buy baked goodies..thoigh they do look nice hahaha

Actually first time namin to have food..I just usually have coffee here kase =)

Ruy said...

For some reason Liv and I have always steered clear of that place even if it's name sounds really enticing. Hehe... Buti na lang. For some reason though natatakam ako sa nachos and iced drinks mo. Hmmm, you're turning into a cold coffee person like me! Nyahaha!

Jen Tan said...

hey Ruy...yeah the Nachos were ok naman..and our drinks were fine..pero totoo the pastries and bread veer away from them bwhahaha

oonga's sooo HOT kase na sometimes when I attempt to have hot coffee..I end up asking for ICE and pouring my cup of hot drink there! bwahahaha..lame...lame....but what can I do it's soooo FREAKIN' HOT! hahahahaha