Friday, April 11, 2008

Light and Right ;P

Well, apart from trying to stay cool....summer is a time to get fit and/or stay fit! Yep...beach season that it is....let's eat light and right =)

Mediterranean food is a light, healthy and delicious choice for summer =) We went to Persiana..a casual Mediterranean resto along Pioneer Street. The place is very simple...but they do have an extensive menu and priced quite cheap!

Tuna and Cheese Burek

Soo yummy! Toasty pita wedges stuffed with melted cheese and tuna! According to Wikipedia...a Burek/Borek are made with phyllo pastry and stuffed with spinach, mixture of cheeses and meat. Persiana also have this with other fillings as it's ok with us if they just used pita bread...pita is lighter than puff better for our waitlines ;P hahaha

Lamb and Beef Gyros
I didn't take a pic of the beef Gyro..s it will just look the same when I post is! hahaha Simple and conventional Mediterranean sandwich! Filled with roasted meat and fresh vegetables embraced by fresh and toasy pita can that not be good to eat and your body? Oh their garlic sauce is great too =)

Now staying healthy doesn't mean we cannot enjoy little sweet treats! Here is a nice and refreshing dolci choice....

A nice Fruit Crepe from UCC

Vanilla ice cream enveloped by thin crepes served with slices of pineapples, bananas, peaches and a few grapes with strawberry sauce. A nice nightcap dessert...but best shared =)

Share your food..thwart the calories...stay sexy!!! ;P


Manggy said...

Shucks, I haven't made it to Pioneer Street yet. I've been looking for cheap middle eastern food... Ang mahal sa Arya eh.

Jen Tan said...

Manggy...then this is the place for you! hahaha cheap here and the food is good...try it..Arya is kinda expensive nga mala Hosseins na...but ofcourse Persiana...has no fancy interiors ah...very casual dining here.