Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Lunch Buffet at Cafe Juanita

I didn't have my regular Sunday brunch with Sally, because she had a family over night thingy....made me kinda sad because I have grown accustomed to the Sunday brunch ritual with her =)

Well...since there is no brunch for me..I had the Sunday lunch buffet at Cafe Juanita with a friend. Cafe Juanita is one my favorite Filipino restos...and this is my first time to try their Sunday buffet.

We were both delighted because, we were famished already and was in the mood for some good ol' homey food =)

I was not able to take a pic of the buffet spread, because there were lots of patrons that time...and I was busy pilling my plate with food! hahahaha

This is the Molo Soup

A simple clear soup woth pieces of siomai or wonton like molo pieces =) Is molo siomai also? hmmm It's always nice to start with a warm soup before a meal.

They had a Filipino Salad Station...where you can creat your own salad. The had grlled eggplants, okras, green mango slices, chopped tomatoes, bagoong, kangkong and other yummy veggies to mix together and turn into an ensalada =)

This is my plate...which I dunno what I was really trying to make...I just got the veggies that I like...
I just love okras and eggplants =)

Moving along the line....there were soo many yummy food to chose from....crispy fried Tilapia...yummy Lechon Kawali...Embutido...Kare-kare...Kaldereta..Chopsuey..Pancit...Okoy..Lumpiang Shanghai...Lumpiang goes on and on...

Check out what I had....

For panghimagas..they have a halo-halo station and there were banana cue...minatamis na saging...puto...and ginataang halo-halo to chose from. I saw some people getting bibinkas..but I didn't ask if it was part of the buffet.

What's great about their spread is the variety and the quality of the food. Some if not most buffet spreads are just enticing in number of dishes...but after eating you don't even know if you enjoyed a single dish! hehhe

Glad to say that the Cafe Juanita buffet was very good and worth it! Only Php 425.00/ head for all those delicious dishes...not bad at all =)


Manggy said...

No pic of the spread?! That's the best part!! Haha :) I like taking a little bit of everything, but it's been ages since I've been to a buffet here in Manila (gotta watch mah weight, hehe)

Jen Tan said...

Hey Manggy! irresponsible of me not to take a pic of the spread! hahahaha Was afraid too get in the way of other people on the buffet line ;P hahaaha

Me too....I like taking a little bit of you can see on my plate...and in keeping on watching our weight...well...we just try to minimize getting the carbs! hahahha But dessert cars...NOT COUNTED! ;P bwahahaha

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