Friday, April 25, 2008

Nasi Lemak!

There is this Asian resto which my friend and I have been eyeing on for quite sometime now....and finally we got the chance to dine there...or rather finally chose to eat at Nasi Lemak! It is situated at Thompson Square, along the rows or Tempura and China Plate at Tomas Morato.

Nasi Lemak serves a mix of Malaysian, Singaporean...Chinese...Japanese and Thai dishes....a long listing of Asian dishes to chose from.

To start off....complimentary Papadam with Sweet Chili Sauce Dip

Well, it's not the real deal Papadam that is made of ground lentils...more like thin crips kropek with bottled sweeet chilis's FREE...we were thankful and had 2 plates of these =) hahhaa

Bean Curd Roll
Shrimps with some bamboo shoots wrapped with tofuskins and fried! Yummmy! We liked it a lot..though my friend was a bit allergic to scampi!!! Oh no!!! hahahaah ;P Nevertheless...we ate and ate it because it was good =)

Steamed Fish with Black Bean Sauce
Fillet's of fish (I think it was Dory...or Lapu-lapu?...can't remember ;P ) steamed with light soy sauce, black beans and sticks of ginger...with a dash of sesame oil. A light and healthy dish =)

Nasi Goreng
We were kinda disappointed with this rice it was more like Yangchow fried rice with dilis!!! =) hahaha Now, I think I have had a good tasting of real Nasi Gorengs when I had my vacation in Bali....and this was not a Nasi Goreng =) Myabe they should have just named it salted fish fried rice. Good---fried rice =)

Our dishes were all nice...but lacking in that I X factor for me to go back to this place. We especially found the ambiance...too dry...perhaps they should pipe in some music as opposed to having to hear the waitresses voice singing as the wait on us hahahaa.
There were lots of other specials posted on the wall...maybe worth a try.


Anonymous said...

i liked their Laksa here.. but aside from that, nothing spectacular nga

Jen Tan said...

Hey sakai! We didn;t get to try the Laksa....we were intrigued by it though hehehe