Monday, November 23, 2009

Kiss The Cook Cafe

Another new resto just sprung up at Maginhawa St., UP Village...Kiss The Cook Cafe! I got really excited when we passed by this place one evening. The place is quite nice and let's see if the cook deserves a kiss ;P hehehe

We decided to get starters first before we order any main dish. Their menu offers an array of interesting fusion dishes...and we picked ...

Hermit Crabs Php 195.00
Crabcakes in a borrowed shell, with mango salsa. We love crabcakes so this one was the first thing that we wanted to try here. They were 7 pieces of clam shells filled with spiced and breaded crabmeat. At first bite, we were really pleased as there were lots of crabmeat and each bite was very tasty and flavorful. However, after finishing our first shells, our palates were left by a very overwhelming saltiness! We asked for more of the mango-salsa to douse off the salt on out palate so we may continue to enjoy the crabcakes...but alas...they were just too salty =( . Just take out 50% of the dishes' salt content and this would absoultely be great!

We gave the starters another shot and opted for ....

Spinach Feta Dumplings Php145.00
Mini spanakopitas with roasted garlic aioli. They were nice and crunchy and had generous spinach filling.... we counldn't really taste the feta and the dish was also salty =(

The place is promising but we were kinda taken back by the saltiness of both appetizers we tried. The place has just opened so we can give it another try one time =)


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Midge said...

I have to admit that both dishes look tempting, but I was put off by what you said about both being too salty. What is it with restaurants these days? Most places I've been to have also been serving disturbingly salty food!

Jen Tan said...

hello camelia! thanks I have already added my blog to petitchef =)

Jen Tan said...

hello Midge!

yeah sayang lang the dishes were awfully salty---pero tasty naman. really? what restos have you been too with way salty food din?---so we may avoid them ;P hahaha

thanks for dropping by!=)

Anonymous said...



BoojieBoy said...

Dear Ms. Tan —

May I secure permission to use some of your photos of Kiss the Cook? I will gladly link back to your blog if you do and of course give you photo credits. Thanks.

Robert JA Basilio Jr.