Monday, November 16, 2009

Momo's, Eastwood Mall

Momo Cafe, as we have learned, is the sister of Chelsea! Set with a cozy-casual ambiance, located at the ground floor of Eastwood City Mall. It's always packed with diners, usually families, probably because of the comfort food it's menu holds. Every member of the family will find something to enjoy!
Now enough for sounding like an ad for MOMO cafe and on to their food!
Complimentary Buttered Toasts with Cheese-Pimiento Spread
This had me at hello =). I love the spread! The taste reminded me of a college fave of mine, which I used to have almost everyday when I had lab classes in UP. It was grilled-cheese pimiento at the UP College of Home Economics' Tea Room ^_^...ahhhhhhhhh....I used to make my own too. Mix grated quick-melt cheese with canned diced pimientos and add some condensed milk....spread bread with a little butter...spread the cheesy love spread and squeeze in the sanwich-maker...of just grill on a buttered non-stick pan----la-la-la---love it! =)

Soup Du Jour: Roasted Capsicum with Artichoke Soup
Sorry I didn't get to note it's price because it was just written on the specials menu board. It tasted like an indian soup! It was spicy and thick...nice but I think I can have too much of this as the flavors are a bit too strong for a soup, in my taste.

Grandma's Country Herb & Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf Php 395.00
Meatloaf stuffed with Spanish chorizo and topped with tomato cream gravy and fried egg. Whoa! Stay away if you are on a diet! Two very thick slices of meatloaf...wrapped in BACON ....topped with FRIED EGG...then you pour gravy on it as you eat it with mashed potatoes and corn relish! hehehe The meatloaf was indeed HERBY as promised. We could see the fennel seeds and other spices as we dig in the meatloaf. That's some grandma the chef must have had! hehehe

That was all we got to try for the day. It was a pleasant first time with momo. We would love to come back and try their pizzas and ribs!


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Etiquette states that you should not remove plates until all guests are done eating. It was very rude of the waiters to get my friend's plates when it was obvious that I wasn't done eating yet plus we haven't even paid for our bill. When I questioned her, she said it's standard and made me look like Im the one who is wrong. It felt more like fastfood.