Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Kanin Club, UP Ayala Hub

The Kanin Club at the UP Ayala Hub, is always packed with people everytime we pass there. We have heard and read a lot of good things about their witty rendition of our fave Filipino dishes ... so we go there to check it out =)

This is one of their signature rice dishes...SINIGANG NA SINANGAG Php 224.00
Sinigang-inspired fried rice with liempo and vegetable tempura. The rice has a very pleasant sourness with crispy kangkong and 2 thin slices of fatty liempo. This was our fave amoung the dishes we ordered.

Wing beans cooked in coconut milk and chiles with bits of pork....bicol express! =) It was a very flavorful dish..the sigarilyas were cooked just right with a light crispness to it, however, we thought it was a bit too oily.

And the house specialty...CRISPY DINUGUAN Php 261.00

Crispy chicharon like---pork TABA (FAT) pieces cooked in blood sauce. I know there are a lot of crispy pork fat lovers out there...and a lot od KC (Kanin Club) Crispy Dinuguan fans too...but I just speak for ourselves when I say we didn't fancy this dish. We would have like it better if there was a nice balance the pork:fat ratio....perhaps something like a crispy fried lechon kawali like pork bits rather than just ALL FAT pieces. We barely ate this dish...we just aren't fat lover's I apologies to the fans of this dish and to KC! =)

Overall, we thought we would have enjoyed our meal if we had ordered the Binukadkad na Tilapia with our Sinigang rice or perhaps the Crab Omelet (which was what we initially ordered but had cancelled when we remembered the Crispy Dinuguan). Nontheless, the service and ambiance was great, very ideal for family and group get togethers

Try for yourself and see if this place flips your switch ;P


princess_dyanie said...

i have tried the crispy dinuguan and i loved it. try the kaldereta and aligue rice next time. lucky me, there's KC nearby (alabang area) :)

Jen Tan said...

hey princess!!!talaga? yun ba crispy dinuguan in ATC fatty din? Baka ganun talaga. Will take your recommendation and try the kaldereta ang aligue rice...we saw that nga and looks yummy also =)

Baka talaga hindi lang namin nagustuhan mga napili namin for the day =)

princess_dyanie said...

hi jen! hindi sya sa ATC. Nasa Westgate sya. nung nag order kami, puro meat naman, as in super konti ng taba hehe ;) may next time pa naman :)

Jen Tan said...

hey princess! talga??? baka yun samin na puruhan lang ng fat...perhaps we can give KC another try ;P

NMOS said...

Yeah, I'm not much of a fat eater either. The lechon kawali style sounds a lot tastier. I love that stuff.

Glad to find even more Filipino food bloggers on here. I wish you had a follower button....because I'd follow. Nice blog.

Jen Tan said...

hello nmos! sorry i don't have a follower button...i'll look into how to put that on my blog =)

thanks for dropping by!