Monday, November 09, 2009

Army Navy, Glorieta 5

We first stumbled upon Army Navy Burgers and Burrito, during a recent trip to Tagaytay....we were only able to try their chicken quesodilla because we had dinner elsewhere. We really liked their quesidilla so kept a mental note to try their burritos when we go to their branch in Glorieta 5 =)

And here we are.....

Fries Php 60.00
They tasted alot like KFC fries...only this was a better version because the potatoes were cut thinner...and these were crispier....a bit pricey at 60 bucks for a small helping though...

Now, for what we came for...Army Navy Burritos!

Steak Burritos Php 155.00

It was a bit smaller than what we expected. The tortilla was delish...chewy and tasty...the rice kinda needed more flavor and there weren't much meat and beans.

Chicken Burrito Php 135.00

This was my order. I think I needed more chicken in my burrito! hehehe
I want more beans too! The beans were crushed and I could barely taste it there.
Each burrito cvame with a side salsa...very spicy!

Our overall experience here was pleasant...but I think we kinda expected more. We would suggest that Ristras, BY FAR...serves BETTER burritos. Even if you pay double the price (compare to Army Navy burrito prices) at Ristras for a burrito...the serving size there is very well good for you end up with the same bill or probably less, as you would here when you have 2 burritos. Ristas burrito have more meat, more beans and a whole lot more flavor. We ended up not very full actually after this meal. Nevetheless we may come back to try the burgers and have quesodilla! =)
Try for yourself.


Midge said...

The fries looked tempting, but I think I'll take your advice and try Ristras, instead. :)

Jen Tan said...

hello Midge! Yes the fries are pretty good, but I would suggest Ristras for try the burger or quesodilla here...maybe you'll like em' =)

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

i wanna try their burgers.. they said it's good daw?

but the fries look so yummy.. tempting!!

Jen Tan said...

hello pinkcookies! yeah good nga daw burgers here...from what i have read ha...let me know pag na try mo na! =) the fries are good and crispy! tastes like kfc fries and twister fries pero mas crispy kase these are very thinly cut

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

i tried their quarter pound burger already. really big and filling! sulit for P135 :) loved the juicy grilled beef patty & soft, tasty sesame kaiser bun!

Jen Tan said...

hello pinkcookies!Wow, Php 135---sulit nga baka pwede i-share ;P Yup their fries here are the better version of KFC crispy and/or McDo cripspy fries---same flavor but CRISPIER ;p HAHAHAHA

Thanks for sharing!