Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yummy YAKI'S At Little Tokyo =)

Japanese food is really one of our faves. Apart from sushis, sashimis, makis....furais...udons....there are some treats we like that are not so commonly found on the commercial Jap restos....

We go to Little Tokyo to enjoy twi of our favorite Yakis....

For our first Yaki is the man who makes them at HANA....
..he spends the night just manning his be-holed stove top cookware, which magically turns this milk like batter into....

these...delicate and delicious TAKOYAKI!!!!! =D

Always soft, fluffy and steaming hot when served. They have octopus pieces inside and topped with a tonkatsu sauce-like sauce, japanese mayo and those nice green herbs! Perfect with toragashi (jap chili powder).

Jap Potato Salad

They sometimes come as freebies in some Jap and Korean restos...but even if it's paid for here...Jap potato salad is one of our must haves =)


Can you believe they have Pizza on their menu? Nothing Japanese about it...but he just adores it so much for some reason =) I enjoyed it too...the crust was thin...more like a pita crust...very cheesy and loaded with bacon, bell peppers ham and other yummy stuff that was covered by the thick melty layer of mozzarella! A happy pizza indeed!

For the other Yaki that we go here for....the REAL Japanese Pizza---OKONOMIYAKI at KAGURA!

They have quite a variety to choose from...this one is Tuna I think =D sooo yummmy!

Loaded with cabbage and tuna...drizzled with that delicious sauce and Jap Mayo!!! Oh lalala! Very filling mind you!
We just love the casual set up of the entire place....great with the cool crisp evening weather. We opt to sit al fresco so we may order from both places =)
It's JapaNICE =)


mikky said...

hi jen... happy chinese new year to you and your family... :) i love this discovery of yours!!! where is this? :)

Jen Tan said...

hey mikky! kung hei fat choi to you and your family =) this place is in Makati...somewhere in the are near Makati Cinema Square...near Kikufuji and Shinjuku =)