Monday, January 12, 2009

Surprise Coffee-capade to Subic! =)

My new year started with a wonderful surprise! Let's have coffee he asked...and I naturally yes yes...and asked where at? Subic! =) My yes popped! I was telling him about this coffee shop I love at subic....Xtremely Xpresso. I have visited the place twice (please check out my archives ;P ) both with pleasant memories...but I soooooo wanted to try the 22" pizza there. Unfortunately, we were both not hungry from all the new year's eve eating....but we forge through in the hopes that the long trip work up an appetite for that mammoth of a pizza =)

It was a perfect day for a mini road trip. The holiday paved a clearing of all roads going there. A lovely smooth drive....but reaching attention was caught by this lovely Korean coffee shop that greeted us as we entered in the complex going to our destination. It instantly reminded me of one of my favorite Korean Telenovelas...My Name Is Kim Sam Soon =) Since, we were still not hungry, I asked if we could just try the place for some Korean snacks.

How spoiled am I? =) I was indulged! Look at my window view from inside this cute pastry shop!
Delicious looking pastries filled shelves, counters and tables inside...with free sampling of several of the goodies there! =)
The cakes on display were all oh sooo pretty!!! When you buya whole cake (only Php 800.00! ) they place it in a very nice cake box with a pretty key chain thingy dangling on the hadle! =) soooo cute!
The cakes were made fresh that we saw the Korean pastry chef by the window icing and decorating cakes to be placed on display =)

We just picked out savory breads and pastries to bring home to our famlies as we were really still not hungry (can you believe not hungry??? ;P)

Yes it is possible that I was not yet hungry...but it IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO EAT EVEN WHEN NOT HUNGRY!!! =D hahahaha
We picked out this pizza bread. Like a lightly breaded and DEEP FRIED savory dough, filled with cheese, ham, bell peppers, onions and CHEESE!!!
let's take a closer look.....
sooooo bad but soooo good =) we did share this we it wasn't as devilish for the figure ;P

I had a cappuccino and he had the iced latte to go with out snack.

This is an sponge cake filled with almonds and cream. Not so sweet but quite nice.

The savory breads were better than their sweet pastries and tarts. Nevertheless, the best part was the trip going there, the amusement rendered by the place...the wonderful and sweet new year's day surprise =)
Thank you oh sooooo much!


Manggy said...

Well, that looks like fun! (Despite my hatred for car rides) Happy new year!

Jen Tan said...

it was loads of FUN! the car ride was my fave part:p hahahaha happy new year to you too Manggy!