Monday, January 26, 2009

Tapas & Vinos at Barcino


Wow...Chinese new year came in quite early 2009...and it feel just great!!!! I can just feel the good vibe of the year flowing all over me. Another reason for celebration...another excuse to indulge perhaps? hahahaha Oh definitely.

Let me just share with you another lovely and delicious way we have come to love spending our evenings with...good tapas and vinos in a quaint cozy place...Barcino it is!

I have been here before they expanded the place, before they branched out to Fort Bonicafio...and ever since I have been charmed by Barcino. I just love the wine, cheeses and tapas bit, makes me feel I am being luxurious ;P hehehe

We are loving this TERRA wine. A nice medium bodied red wine. I am no expert, but I just like what seems nice to my palate.

This one seems to me like a medium bodied red.

This Mvsa wine is a semi-sweet red, which I enjoyed better than the former...probably because it's a bit sweet and served chilled =)

Now for the Tapas....Stuffed Pimientos

I forgot the spanish name of this tapas. A big red bell pepper stuffed with ground beef, cheese and tomatoes...and baked to a yummy wilt. It tasted like a tasty meat sauce concentrated in a ball! Very flavorful and goes well with a medium bodied wine.

Tapas Gourmet
There are two tapas platter, which are popular here. This is the Tapas Gourmet, which comprises of Manchego cheese slice (I LIKEY!!! =)), Chorizo extra, Salsichon extra, Jamon Serrano, Chorizo picantes frito and Fuet (a fatty smoked sausage)...served with a delicious creamy ensaladilla rusa (potato salad) in the middle. I just love popping one of these yummies and taking a sip of the wine. The flavors in the mouth is totally a wonderful palate experience.

Tapas Barcino
This is other tapas platter they offer here, which is made up of Tortilla Espanola (spanish tortas), chorizo bilbao, lumpiang sobresada and Manchego cheese sliced served with creamed new potatoes and Aceitunas (olives). This is our favorite =) We love having the yummy morsel with a piece of olive then sipping wine. The creamed potatoes was a delicious as well. Some people like to have their tapas with bruschetta too.

How nice is that?...Simply lovely =)


Manggy said...

Happy new year to you Jen! Speaking of luxurious, how's the price range at Barcino? :)

Jen Tan said...

Kung Hei Fat Choi Manggy! =) Actually it's not so bad here...the Tapas platter (gourmet or barcino) costs about Php 560.00 a plate ...other tapas around Php 200-up, wines ranges from Php 380-Up...not bad na din compared to other places like this. Tapas are good and authentic plus they have a pretty good selection wines and they serve cocktails too if you are not the wine kinda person =)