Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Woori Jib Korean Restaurant

We love Korean food! Our favorite San Song Korean Resto being one of the restos we love to visit in Makati. How fortunate for us to stumble upon a good Korean resto, closer to home...well closer to me at least =) Woori Jib Korean Restaurant, located along Kalayaan avenue, Q.C. has become our not so far Korean resto fave!
The place is nothing different from SanSong...a casualy Korean-house-y type place...patrons of which are mostly Koreans that's a pretty good sign you're getting the real deal.

The waiters are very friendly and the Korean owners (who always happen to be dining there too) are very warm and hospitable....they sort of make you feel you are guests in their home....and yes we were mistaken for Koreans here =P hehehe

We love the freebies that go along dining in Korean restos. They serve us small bowls of thick golden pumpkin soup...more like pumpkin puree!

This can serve as baby food too! Yummy....and we eat it for it's nutritional value...and because it's FREE =)

A party of small appetizer plates...that they replenish each time we wipe out the dishes....

...they only stop serving them up when you tell them to =) How generous!
We love the potato salad with apples and cucumbers! Yummmmmy and FREE!!!

Now for the food we paid for....
A generous steamy bowl of ramen noodles with a mish-mash of seafoods....mussles, squid, fish and veggies..veggies!!! Oh a bit spicy..ok...really spicy for me...but good that I still eat inspite the heat ;P


Our fave! A spicy soup with tofu and veggies! We eat it with hot and sticky Korean rice (I love those little metal bowls with lid that cradles the rice!) So good and soothing to empty stomachs!

Korean dumplings! They taste like Japanese Gyoza...but I like this better =) Delicious with that soy-vinegary dip! We love to pick on them as we eat our soupy rice and ramen =)

More FREE STUFF... yes, the freebies go on...
after a hearty and healthy meal, they offer you coffee or tea for FREE!

Coffee with cream and sugar
It's instant...but it was nicely prepared by the owner...sweet and creamy...I just treat it like a dessert as I normally take my coffee black and brewed!

Rice Green Tea
For non coffee drinkers...the rice green tea is soothing to a very full belly! =)

Delicious and comfy Korean at Woorijib!


Jane said...

I’m pretty much enjoying reading your food adventures! J

Between Bites

Jen Tan said...

Hey Jane! Thanks so much! =) I sooo love reading you too....actually I was gona message you on where to find Zapata's...we love Mexican food! Some of the places we go to are your recommendations actually =)

AshleyC. said... you know how i could go there via mrt or lrt? thanks...i want to go there

~pissed korean food lover~ :D :P :< :>